Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Ah, the sweet sound of birds chirping and flowers blooming is a welcome reminder that the cold winter months are coming to an end, and the warmer spring and summer months lie ahead. Spring and summer are a time for us to spend more time outside with friends and family. 

If you find yourself needing fresh outdoor living space ideas, we have you covered. Updating your outdoor lighting fixtures is an easy way to extend the shorter nights into the late hours. We have compiled a list of ways to update your outdoor lighting with products from Kichler and Hinkley.

Install Hanging Lights

Are you looking to enjoy more time on your covered patio or deck this spring and summer? An outdoor hanging light fixture may be just the thing you need to transform your space. 

Hanging lights can instantly make your outdoor space more inviting. They stylishly illuminate your entertainment area and improve the overall atmosphere. When picking out your next fixture, try experimenting with sizes, shapes, finishes, and textures. Whether you are interested in pieces with vintage vibes or sleek, modern fixtures like the     

Outdoor Linear Chandelier 3Lt, Kichler’s selection of hanging lights does not disappoint.

Keep Cool & Save Energy with an LED Ceiling Fan

There’s nothing worse than not being able to enjoy a beautiful sunset because of the unbearable evening heat and humidity. Investing in an LED ceiling fan helps you stay cool no matter the weather. Their streamlined design and unique finishings complement any outdoor space. Plus, ceiling fans keep the pesky bugs away, making for a more enjoyable evening. 

The 60 Inch Rana Fan LED is one of our favorites because it is functional and stylish. LED lighting is also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Ninety-five percent of the energy produced is converted into light, while only five percent is wasted as heat. You’ll be helping reduce your carbon footprint while saving money, too.

Light Up the Night with Path Lights

Sometimes, a few small lighting additions can make the world a difference. When purchasing your next piece, consider adding path lights to your list of outdoor necessities.

Path lights are aesthetically pleasing AND practical. Placing path lights along walkways increases curb appeal by accenting your home’s features. Well-placed path lights make your home appear more welcoming and visually attractive. Plus, you no longer will trip or fall in the dark after installing them, and they offer additional security. Some of our favorite path lights are from Hinkley, such as  the Atlantis Small LED Path Light and Contempo LED Path Light

Deck Lighting

Your deck is a seamless extension of your home. Adding in a few well-placed lights can maximize your time spent outdoors while enhancing your deck’s overall look and feel. 

Deck lighting adds a subtle glow to your outdoor space. Installing lights along your railing or built-in seating can highlight the intricate details of your deck. Kichler’s Half Moon Led Deck Light comes in different finishes that will look great for any design aesthetic.

Shop Our Entire Collection

If you are looking to spend more time outside, updating your landscape lights and outdoor lighting fixtures is one way to celebrate the changing of seasons. Shop our extensive selection of Kichler and Hinkley products today, or stop into one of our showrooms where we can help you find your perfect piece!

Think Green – Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendly Products

A sustainable future for our planet starts with us. Purchasing eco-friendly products is one of the best ways to contribute to a greener society. At Gross Electric, we offer environmentally conscious brands like Varuluz for people looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Also, our lamp repair and light bulb recycling services cut down on waste and improper disposal of bulbs. 

Make a Statement With Your Chandelier

The intricate detailing of the Matrix 8-Lt Linear chandelier won’t be the only thing people are talking about! This stunning fixture is made from hand forged recycled steel. Recycled steel products save energy and resources normally used when mining steel. Plus, these sustainable light fixtures indirectly save thousands of gallons of water. 

The randomly hammered elements make this chandelier unique and eye-catching. It is distinctly modern but draws heavy on 70s glam, making it a great addition to any space. Not only is it stunning, but it is an eco-friendly alternative to a traditional chandelier.

Eco-Friendly Pendants

Pendants are great for people who need focused lighting but don’t want the hassle of a floor lamp taking up too much space. Varaluz’s selection of pendant lights is stylish and sourced from sustainable materials.

The Fascination 1-Lt Mini Pendant is breathtaking. Inspired by the ruins of a Nevada mine at sunset, this light is made from recycled steel and recycled glass discs. Using recycled glass conserves resources and helps reduce pollution levels. The rich, warm colors and craftsmanship make this piece stand out.

If you are looking for a bigger fixture, the Flow 6-Lt Twist Pendant will turn heads. The captivating design mimics movement and rhythm and is made from hand-forged recycled steel. The warm tone-tone finishes will illuminate any room.

Energy Efficient LED Lights

Purchasing products made from recycled materials isn’t the only way to lead a greener lifestyle. LED lighting is another fantastic alternative to traditional light resources. LED lighting lasts longer and is more energy-efficient, as they use around 50% less energy than fluorescent bulbs. You’ll be saving money on your energy bill and helping reduce your carbon footprint— a win-win situation for you and the planet! 

The Brilliance design is back and better than ever! This popular product line is now in LED, making it a great option for your next bathroom lighting choice. The LED Small Bath Fixture and LED Large Wall Sconce are simple yet stunning. The chromed metalwork complements the cool crystal glass.

Sustainable Decor

Varaluz also has a line of eco-friendly home decor to complement your lighting. Their True North 30-in Round Reclaimed Wood w/ Gold Accents Mirror looks excellent in any room due to its neutral tones and beautiful accents. Products made from reclaimed wood help reduce waste and preserve vital resources. 

If you are a fan of sculptural art, check out their collection of wall art! The Work Of Heart Silver Mixed-Media Wall Art is made from recycled steel and industrial hardware; these combined elements make this work a great conversation piece.

person repairing light fixture wires

Gross Electric Lamp Repair and Light bulb Recycling

Besides our sustainable product offerings, we also offer lamp repair and light bulb recycling services. 

We restore any type of fixture; our experienced repair technicians can rewire, re-shade, or replate your lighting fixture or complete other improvements as needed. Our services help ensure that your lighting is functioning properly and safely. 

Some light bulbs must be disposed of in a specific way because they could potentially harm the environment. We will properly dispose of your light bulbs from your home or business for a nominal fee. 

Shop with us today!

We have provided quality service and products for our customers for 111 years. If you are looking to purchase products made from recycled materials, shop online or stop into one of our showrooms today!

2022 Lighting Trends

2022 Lighting Trends

We can expect some eclectic lighting trends this upcoming year. From alabaster finishes to vintage finds and LED light art, there’s something for everyone. Some of our favorite lighting looks are making a come-back and others are creative reinventions of classics. We’re seeing a variety of looks: anything from colorful pendants to sculptural, organic, and curvy shapes. What is exciting is that all of these trends are extremely versatile and will become timeless pieces will age. Continue reading to find out what lighting trends to expect for 2022. We’ve curated some looks from a collection of our favorite trend-making brands.

First in the list of 2022 design favorites: Alabaster finishes

This new favorite features warm neutrals and classic white tones complemented by sculptural and clean shapes. It’s simple and classic, with a touch of funky flair. What makes alabaster finishes so unique is that they can be paired with funky, colorful accents or enhance a minimalist monastery. Even combine it with industrial-style bulbs or wood fixtures to create a layered and bold look. Crisp Alabaster pairs well with sustainable and natural materials, another important trend coming into 2022. Natural materials such as wood, glass, bamboo, fabric, seagrass, leather, and even paper have been seen.

Another Favorite for 2022: Maximizing Minimalism

Make a statement with sculptural lighting. Modern Minimalism is a take on streamlined design that incorporates up-to-date shapes, colors, and textures. Not only is minimalism a decor style, but it’s also a way of life. Creating a functional space through minimalism is all the rave for 2022. Given this defined style has little, to no flair, everything must have a purpose. Understandably, it’s easy to see why lighting is such an integral part of minimalist design. Discover Walman by Kichler, one of our favorite partner brands. This collection does not attempt to be the center of attention. Rather, these fixtures blend easily into your decor. Its modern simplicity and effortless style make this fixture a talking point. Two finishes are available for this fixture; matte black and matte white. 

Scandinavian Style

The attractiveness of this trend derives from its unusual confluence of elements: sophisticated, warm, and inviting. Simplicity and harmony are effectively integrated with clean, minimalist elements in Scandinavian design. Here are the essentials that make this design so enticing. Hygge is a Danish term characterized as “a sense of cozy and comfortable togetherness that engenders a sense of happiness or well-being,” according to The New Yorker.

This phrase is what differentiates this design style from the others. Instead of emphasizing one attribute, Scandinavian design excels at blending the ideals of comfort and warmth with sentiments of well-being and contentment. Typically, the area will also have a neutral color scheme plus pops of texture, eccentric fabrics, and/or splashes of color.

White Lights with Unique Textures & Elements

When trying out new lighting trends, don’t be afraid to experiment with textures, shapes, and layers. This trend lets your lighting fixtures be the focal point, allowing you to express your style in a new, modern way. Incorporating light fixtures with unique accent features can enhance your space’s overall look and feel. 

Textured lighting fixtures are functional and stylish, making them a great addition to any room. If you are looking for a light fixture with some added flair, check out one of our partner brands, Corbett Lighting. Their Graffiti collection combines superb craftsmanship and innovative design for eye-catching pieces.

More Trends to Come!

In 2022, there are so many new exciting lighting trends to choose from when updating your fixtures. Whether you prefer pieces with sleek finishes or dynamic textures, there is something for you this year!

At Gross Electric, we have the best selection of trendy lighting fixtures. Visit us at our Toledo and Ann Arbor showrooms to find the perfect piece for you. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, so we get to know everyone personally to find lighting best suited for your needs. We are confident that we will find you the perfect fixture for your space!