Don’t Wait, Illuminate Your Space For Spring!

Bright Summer Days are ahead, but once the sun goes down, you’ll need lighting for your outdoor oasis! After being cooped up inside all winter long, outdoor lighting offers a welcome change of scenery. Adding a fan or chandelier to your outdoor patio area can make your space look more sophisticated, sleek, and well-maintained. Whether your taste is traditional, modern, rustic or contemporary, we have options sure to suit your style! Check our our top 5 outdoor lighting picks from Hinkley this season:

1. The Lakehouse Wall Lantern – Lanterns are timeless, traditional, and have been lighting the way home for centuries. The Lakehouse wall lantern by Hinkley is modern, but gives off a sense of relaxation to your space. This lantern is blissfully simple, while remaining a memorable piece to your outdoor oasis. All of your summer BBQs will be well lit with this eye-catching lantern. 

2. The Lakehouse Chandelier – Unsure how to create an inviting outdoor living space? Lighting manufacturers are continually adding new outdoor chandeliers to their product offerings – allowing homeowners of all aesthetics the chance to further blend their indoor and outdoor spaces. We love the Lakehouse Lantern, featuring distressed, aged zinc with Driftwood Gray and black finish accompanied by clear seedy glass. This chandelier is made to last! 

3. Foundry Classic – If your home gives off an industrial aesthetic, this is the outdoor fixture for you. While remaining vintage in nature, The Foundry Classic is versatile and can be used indoors as an accent fixture, or outdoors to bring light to your summer nights. The aluminum shade features knurled brass details to offset the Gloss White, Museum Bronze or Textured Black.

4. Vantage Fan – In addition to decorative and functional fixtures, you can add a “cool” factor to your outdoor space with a new ceiling fan. As with lighting, ceiling fans are available in a broad range of styles to fit your needs. The Vantage LED fan by Hinkley is equipped with a DC motor which delivers excellent energy efficiency, while remaining stylish with whisper quiet operation. We love this fan because it can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Crack open a cold one, have a seat on the couch, and enjoy the swift breeze of the outdoor ceiling fan.

 5. The Hover – The Hover Fan by Hinkley is the epitome of clean and sleek. Much like the Vantage Fan, the Hover Fan is also LED equipped and energy efficient. These fans are perfect for hot days that turn into cool nights.

Whether you choose an eye-catching outdoor chandelier, or a cool and sleek ceiling fan, you’re sure to stand out this summer. Explore our expansive collection of outdoor lighting from Hinkley and other brands today!

The Gross Electric’s Daylight Savings End To-do’s

Time Change Checklist

November 1st is just around the corner. Before we know it, nature will be taking back that extra hour of daylight it loaned us last March. This means that we will be more reliant on interior lighting to keep our spirits up, work flowing, and lives moving along during the winter months. Don’t stress about your home lighting to-do’s, we’ve got you covered.

Lower Energy = Lower Cost

Although most lights will be on longer, your lighting bills don’t have to go up. Consider switching to energy-efficient bulbs to save yourself money (and help the environment too). By switching out your old iridescent light bulbs to LED (light-emitting diode) models, you can significantly cut your home lighting costs. The average household has more than 40 sockets, which means switching to LEDs could save you around $200 each and every year. The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that consumers would save $13 billion on their electric bills if a CFL or LED is screwed into every socket. As a nation, we would annually avoid the equivalent of paying for the electricity of 30 large coal-burning power plants.

Shop Energy Efficient Bulbs. 

Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Lighting

From driveways, to walkways, to garage areas – ensuring your outdoor space is well lit during darker months will help you avoid a number of issues. A well-lit home will provide good visibility while you or your guests are walking from your cars, often through the snow. This is especially important if you have a long driveway or winding paths that lead to your front door. It is also important to keep in mind that an unlit home can appear rather vacant, framing it as an ‘easy target’. Shedding some light on the main outdoor areas surrounding your home (front door, side door, garage, pathways, landscape) will inherently make your home more secure by making it seem as though someone is home, even when no one is! Whatever your outdoor lighting needs, shop the wet rated category at

Featuring: Outdoor Wall 1Lt (49990BK) by Kichler.

Inspect Your Smoke Detectors 

Daylight Savings Time doubles as a bi-annual reminder to change the batteries in your fire alarms. A study done by ServiceMaster Restore showed that only around 57% of Americans follow best practice and have checked their alarms in the last six months. To optimize your home’s safety during the winter months, be sure to replace the batteries in each detector. You may also want to keep an eye out for the date of manufacture marked on the device. Smoke detectors can become defective after ten years or so, and require replacement just like carbon monoxide alarms. Keep in mind, if you upgrade to the newer lithium battery smoke detectors, you won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries at all for up to a decade. Double check that you have smoke alarms installed inside each bedroom, outside each sleeping area, and on every level of the home (including the basement), per the National Fire Protection Association recommendation.

If you need assistance selecting bulbs, outdoor lighting fixtures, or replacement smoke detectors, stop by our Toledo or Ann Arbor showrooms and one of our specialists will give you a hand! If you know what you’re looking for, head over to to shop online!

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How To Choose Outdoor Lighting For Your Home

Outdoor lighting is a fundamental component of any home. These fixtures provide extensive value that ranges from building ambiance to promoting the safety of you and your loved ones. If you’re in the market for new outdoor fixtures, follow these general rules of thumb to streamline your lighting selection process!

First, choose your lighting fixtures based on their function or purpose.

Decorative lighting can act as the perfect accent to your outdoor space. From outdoor pendants that live on your back patio to string lights draped above your backyard, the options are boundless. Think about your space, and ask yourself important questions such as, do I often entertain outdoors? Do I eat dinner with my family there? Do we enjoy dim ambiance or a fully lit space in the evening? For most homes, our overhead lighting is a safe bet that provides both function and form – appearing sleek and minimalist, but able to fully illuminate an outdoor space, even when the sun is down! Furthermore, our wide selection of outdoor lighting is equipped to fit any style preference, from contemporary to traditional. You may also want to consider the type of coverage your outdoor space provides when choosing your fixtures. Damp-rated fixtures are available for porch or patio areas that provide some shelter, and wet-rated styles are available for your yard and other high-exposure areas.

Wall sconces are extremely popular among most homeowners. These wall lights line doorways and walkways and are extremely versatile, as they can be installed anywhere wall wiring is available. Another beneficial attribute is the wall sconce’s ability to provide different levels and types of light. From subdued, ambient light, to vast, directed light, the breadth of options will ensure you find a fixture that illuminates your outdoor space in the exact way you want. Most outdoor wall lights are manufactured to endure heavy weather exposure, but if you live in a region with particularly harsh (wet or cold) temperatures, pay extra attention to weather rating and finish.

Some areas of your home are inherently more in need of security than others. These areas include garages, windows, front and back porches, walking paths, and more. Flood lighting, recessed lighting, and landscape lighting can all ensure that these important areas are safe and well-lit.

Landscape lighting planning can become extremely technical, and may require more attention than other areas in your home. Having basic knowledge of the different elements of landscape lighting is a good first step to discovering your yard’s lighting blueprint. When considering path lights, know that you can find both solar and wired options. Wired lighting will require you to run power sources underground, so it’s important to understand that this may be a big undertaking. Path lighting is most useful when placed along pathways, around garden beds, and along the perimeter of your house. When placed closer to your home, these can be used in tandem with wall lighting to add dimension to your home. Recessed lighting is great and can be built into the ground of your patio, deck, or driveway. These provide subtle light that blends effortlessly into the landscape, and are great for security as they flood your home’s perimeter with light. Recessed lights are less decorative in their form, but bring style to your home when used to highlight plants, trees, and other outdoor features from the ground up.

Once you discover which types of lighting you’re looking for, there are a few key factors you may want to take into consideration when deciding which specific fixture to install, the first being style. Refer to your home’s existing architecture and current decor when choosing your outdoor lighting to ensure it is streamlined with the rest of your home. Next, make sure to consider what materials your lighting is made of. Materials not only impact the physical appearance of your lighting, but also have different durability. Most outdoor fixtures are manufactured from brass, copper, or aluminum. Choose materials that will remain in good condition when exposed to the harsh weather of your home’s region. Lastly, don’t forget to consider efficiency. LED, solar-powered, and energy efficient CFL lighting are all available. 

Hopefully this article will act as a guide while you set out to find the perfect outdoor lighting for your home. You’re well on your way to creating a beautifully lit outdoor space! If you’re in need of design assistance or product recommendations, contact us to set up a consultation!

Work From Home: Setting The Tone With Office Lighting

When designing a home office, our attention is often consumed by finding the perfect desk or comfiest chair. However, less tangible elements such as lighting should not be swept under the rug. Studies have shown that good lighting is crucial to productivity and wakefulness…not to mention its positive effect on mood. Light your office right and put your best foot forward during this time at home with these helpful tips!

Natural light is always a great option for open floor plans that allow a larger flow of daylight from surrounding windows. Complimenting natural light with overhead, task, ambient and even corrective lighting will help create the perfect balance of brightness. Leveraging natural light and lighting fixtures in tandem allows you to illuminate your space in its entirety, especially in the early morning or afternoon when natural light becomes lackluster. Don’t forget to leverage adjustable shades for days you desire an unlit atmosphere.

Overhead lighting is more subdued than other forms of lighting. It is known to cast shadows in some areas while harshly illuminating others, so adding corrective or ambient lighting can help offset this intensity. If you are experiencing eye strain or discomfort, opting for indirect track lights as opposed to direct parabolic lighting can be helpful!

Featuring: Rail Light 4Lt Halogen (7704OZ) by Kichler

Naturally, there will be parts of your office where you spend most of your time- probably at your desk. Task lighting is perfect for spaces that lack sufficient natural or overhead lighting and illuminates one specific area where you are your most productive self. Task lighting, such as a desk lamp, is flexible and versatile in the sense it can be easily moved around and positioned to your liking throughout the day. It can even emulate whatever tone you prefer, warm or cool, depending on the bulb you choose.

Featuring: Addison Adjustable Pharmacy Desk Lamp (AD450-OB) by House of Troy

If you find yourself stressed throughout the day consider adding ambient lighting to your home office. Although this option may not necessarily energize you, its low intensity can help you unwind towards the end of your work day- creating the peaceful atmosphere you deserve.

Featuring: Featuring 3 LIGHT PICTURE LIGHT WITH PLUG (7023-AGB) by Hudson Valley

Corrective lighting is key to those who spend most of their day at the computer. When your screen is brighter than the space behind it, you may experience eye strain and even headaches as a result. Adding a source of light behind your monitor is an easy solution to reducing this effect. Additionally, be aware of glare when you place any lighting throughout the room. Make sure your fixtures are properly positioned in a manner they will not reflect lighting directly into your eyes.

Featuring: Jane200 40 Feet LED Tape 3000K (98344S-15) by Generation Lighting – Seagull

If your home office space is in need of a lighting upgrade, start broad. Choose your overhead lighting first and foremost, then your task and corrective lighting where needed. Your office should be designed around your needs. Make it a place that allows you to ebb and flow between critical thinking, creativity and productivity. Remember adding dim settings to any of the lighting options mentioned only gives you more control, so don’t rule that out as a possibility!

Enjoy this time at home and set yourself up for success! Shop our selection at or give us a call for a virtual design consultation.

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Good Things Come In Pairs!

Valentine’s Day reminds us to stop and smell the roses, so today, more than ever, we are thankful for those we love most. It’s true that good things come in pairs – and we’re not just talking about you and your special someone. Read on to find out how these dynamic lighting duos can elevate your space!

Should you prioritize function or form? This push and pull is a constant battle for designers and homeowners alike. The good news is, we know the secret to doubling up on both function and aesthetic. Drum roll please…doubling up on your fixtures! With two properly placed ceiling fans, you can bring both symmetry and proper ventilation to any space. This is especially true for large, open rooms as fans can occupy negative ceiling space while simultaneously increasing air flow. So when you’re looking to elevate your space, think twice before you make a compromise and let our showroom experts lend a hand!

(Featuring: Maverick Max LED – Brushed Steel Koa by Monte Carlo)

While you can let your creativity take over when choosing lighting fixtures, certain sconce styles work best for different lighting goals. Bathrooms, for example, require lighting that will fully illuminate the face when looking in the mirror. This is where the importance of pairs comes in! Sets of sconces or task lighting on either side of a vanity can eliminate unwanted shadows that may be cast by one single over-head light and create an even glow. The same rings true for other areas of your home that need balance and even lighting. During your next home remodeling project, try outlining lighting goals for each room before you select your style – then leave it up to the Gross Electric team to handle the rest!

(Featuring: Raef 1 Light Wall Sconce)

Should you prioritize function or form? This push and pull is a constant battle for designers and homeowners alike. The good news is, we know the secret to doubling up on both function and aesthetic. Drum roll please…doubling up on your fixtures! With two properly placed ceiling fans, you can bring both symmetry and proper ventilation to any space. This is especially true for large, open rooms as fans can occupy negative ceiling space while simultaneously increasing air flow. So when you’re looking to elevate your space, think twice before you make a compromise and let our showroom experts lend a hand!

(Featuring: Maverick Max LED – Brushed Steel Koa by Monte Carlo)

If you’re looking to give your outdated space some extra love, visit our showroom and trust our expert lighting matchmakers to help you find the perfect pair.

Modern Pendant Lighting: A High Impact Alternative to Chandeliers

Sophisticated pendant lighting provides both function and aesthetic. Suspended from the ceiling by cord, chain or metal rod, pendants are diverse fixtures that can be integrated into virtually any space. Although they aren’t a new or novel design concept, they’ve started to dominate the market due to their versatility. We are used to seeing them atop kitchen islands, or maybe tracking down a hallway, but more recently we’ve seen modern pendant lighting shine as a new chandelier, suspended over tables as well as in foyers and bedrooms. From shape and size to style and flair, we’re providing a simple guide to help you pick your pendant with ease.

Small but mightyThe mini pendant takes minimalism to a new extreme, which becomes apparent as it effortlessly transitions into almost any style. These small fixtures are great for naturally lit areas or rooms with alternative sources of light, such as recessed lighting or lamps. Although the petite pendants may not produce beams of light that span throughout the room, they possess the unique ability to place emphasis on the area directly below and around where they are hung. Strangely enough, the dramatic effect they produce is rooted in their subtlety.

(Featuring: 1 Light Pendant by Generation Lighting)

Go big or go home! Much of the preference for chandeliers stems from their size as well as their ability to fully illuminate a space. As modern pendant lighting has evolved, designers have focused their efforts on bringing them to scale so that they hold equal, if not more visual weight than your average chandelier. These larger pendants are often constructed from natural, woven materials such as bamboo and rattan, but have more recently appeared in more streamlined forms such as industrial cones.

(Featuring: 1 Light Large Pendant by Hudson Valley)

The more the merrier! Another approach to modern pendant lighting is the simultaneous suspension of three or four in the same region. Don’t be afraid to mix and match as subtle differentiation in size or shape will only add dimension to your space. The main takeaway here is that while pendants are often stunning when they stand alone, layering in some contrast in form will allow the fixtures to play off of one another in an interesting way.

(Featuring: Wabi Sabi 1 Light Pendant by Troy Lighting)

When it comes to modern pendant lighting the options are endless! Choose a fixture that compliments your decor, draws attention, or adds subtle flair, by mixing shapes, sizes and shades. Whatever your goal, there is a fixture waiting for you!

Looking Ahead: 2020 Lighting Trends

From prints and patterns to fixtures and finishes, the ever changing home design landscape continues to keep us on our toes with emerging trends that will inevitably make their way into your next home refresh. Although it may seem that fads are fleeting, the truth is, great style is timeless. So when the new year brings new trends, some unique, others tried and true, remember to look around your home to see which spaces might be in need of a fresh take. Read on and keep an eye out for these emerging trends (because our team thinks they are certainly worth your while.)

Natural Materials give a warm and breezy feel to any space, all year around. If your home design preferences tend to heir on the neutral side, you know better than anyone that things can easily become visually flat. A good way to add some character to a stale space is by adding texture, and maybe a hint of 80s nostalgia. Tactile materials like rattan, bamboo, seagrass, and cork will do the trick and have major staying power as they never seem to go out of style.

(Featuring: Balboa 8Lt Pendant (F6748) by Troy)

Colors are coming, be bold! Rich shades of terracotta, burnt orange, ochre, and olive will help cultivate a warm ambiance. These buttery hues are ultra-versatile and can be paired with organic fixtures for a mid-century modern inspired look that simultaneously echoes nature. This new wave of organic modernism moves away from the sharp angles we know so well from iconic 1960s home design and moves us toward a style primarily concerned with the shapes, materials, and colors that gained popularity during this time.

(Featuring: Uttermost Solene Orange Table Lamp)

Play with proportion. Industrial lighting trends have remained at the forefront of home design for some time because of their inherent ability to balance minimalism and boldness. The sleek, architectural pieces are minimal in themselves but act as statement pieces when they are scaled. The juxtaposition of the streamlined design of the object against the dramatic effect its size creates can be extremely visually intriguing. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to opt for minimal lighting where you would otherwise go bold. Small sconces can replace your bedside lamps and a configuration of mini hanging pendants can replace an oversized dinette fixture. Our point is, there are no rules.

(Featuring: George’S Reading Room- 1 Light Arc Floor Lamp Marble Base)

Lighting trends are going back to black….again. 2019 proved to be the year of black home decor, however, this trend isn’t going anywhere! Black light fixtures and hardware prove time and time again that their versatility is unparalleled and their design is timeless. They can be eye catching, sleek, or subtle, it’s all up to you and how you’d like it to be incorporated into your space.

(Featuring: Hunters Point 1Lt Pendant (F6724) by Troy)

As we move into the new year, allow yourself to explore new styles and lighting trends – after all, your home should be your haven and place that inspires! Whether it’s starting small with a fixture or two, or completely overhauling your home decor, Gross Electric is here to help you bring your vision to light.