In movies and photos from the past, it is not uncommon to see formal entertaining spaces such as dining rooms and even ballrooms with an elegant chandelier. But these light fixtures are no longer just for public areas of your home. Bring a touch of elegance and intricacy to your bedroom with a chandelier or a mini chandelier.

Benefits of a chandelier in the bedroom

While the style and aesthetic appeal of chandeliers are strong reasons for choosing one for your bedroom, there are practical reasons as well. A chandelier casts “ambient light,” meaning it provides overall lighting in the room. Ambient light adds comfort to the room and makes it easier to see in the general space, plus it can make up for natural light that may be lacking. Chandeliers often have multiple bulbs or tiers of bulbs, which help to evenly spread light in multiple directions in the room. And of course, chandeliers are hung from the ceiling, which frees up space on your floor and tables for other belongings.

Bedroom chandelier placement

There are four recommended placements for chandeliers in the bedroom:

Middle of the Room

Let this piece be the primary light source for your sanctuary and make a statement. The many bulbs enable a bedroom chandelier to light up the entire space with ease. Be sure to choose a chandelier that matches the size of your bedroom, regardless of style.

Above a Nightstand

Table lamps are the old stand-by for bedside table lighting. Hang a mini chandelier over your bedside table for an unexpected and dramatic look. Plus, by not having a lamp on your nightstand, you’ll have more space for books, reading glasses, or even a piece of artwork.

Above a Desk, Dresser, or Vanity

Again, this placement leaves more space on the surface top while still lighting the area. Make sure that the amount of lighting is sufficient for the task at hand. For example, separating your black socks from your navy blue socks!

Over the Bed

Let the centerpiece of your room make an even bigger statement. A bedroom chandelier can either be centered over the bed or hung closer to the headboard. Just be sure to leave enough clearance so you do not bump your head when getting up. A good test: kneel on the bed and make sure the chandelier is higher than the top of your head. Also, make sure the fixture does not block your sight when watching TV in bed or gazing around the room.

Regardless of the placement of your bedroom chandelier, make sure to put it on a dimmer, so that you can adjust the light level exactly where you want it!

Gross Electric’s chandelier offerings

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