Whether you are in the heat of summer and seek air circulation to reduce perceived room temperature by as much as eight degrees or are snowed inside and want to recirculate the warm air hovering near your ceiling, ceiling fans could be the perfect functional and stylish addition to your home.

Since fans serve for more than just looks, it is important to do your research to find the right ceiling fan that meets your needs while still fitting within your budget. Here are several factors that will affect your ceiling fan decision:

  1. Budget – Your budget can vary widely depending on your specific project, such as remodeling a whole room versus just replacing a fan.
  2. LocationOutdoor fans are a thing! For indoor fans, blades are typically furniture-grade wood and there is a broader selection of colors, sizes, and designs. For outdoor fans, you must factor in damp, wet, or snowy weather conditions when choosing material. Look for the correct UL rating to match your location.
  3. Size – The size of your ceiling fan can be a safety concern. National Electric Code requires that ceiling fan blades be over 7’ from the floor. That means that if you only have 8-foot ceilings, low profile ceiling fans or flush mount ceiling fans (also known as huggers) will let you meet the rule. For very tall ceilings, such as 14’ or 15’, a long downrod between 48” to 60” will ensure that airflow can be felt by room occupants. Same idea with fan blade length: larger rooms will need longer blade spans for effective airflow.
  4. Lighting options – Does your ceiling fan also need to illuminate your space? Gross Electric lighting designers can assess the lighting situation and make a recommendation.
  5. Energy efficiency and airflow – Consider a DC motor fan or an Energy Star rated fan to save money and electricity. High airflow can be desirable for garages and warehouses, outdoor spaces, or even in indoor rooms for occupants that like plenty of air movement.
  6. Styles and finishes – Gross Electric designers will help you craft the look to complete your room.
  7. Controls – Do you need remote controls, wall controls, a pull chain, or a combination of the above? Would you like reverse rotation available for climate control or seasonal changes? Gross Electric will recommend the best option for your situation.

Make the investment to get a high-quality ceiling fan that will last a decade, as you will save money overall instead of needing to replace the fan in a couple of years.

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