If you’re planning a home renovation, chances are you’ve researched different articles, blogs, and websites for design inspiration and to get an idea of how much your renovation should cost. While it’s good to do your research, it’s also important to keep this information in perspective. Much of what you’re reading is created for a broad audience, which encompasses all ages, geographies, levels of income, and home ownership status.  So, while the information may be good, it may also be too generic in scope for your project.

Working with seasoned professionals in your community can help you set realistic expectations for your home renovation project. Just like property values can vary substantially in different parts of the country, or even just from one neighborhood to the next, remodeling costs can vary as well. Your location affects how accessible the materials are for your project and what the cost of labor is. There are additional factors that need to be considered when setting the budget for your project, such as: 

  • Customization and upgrades
  • Layout/floor plan
  • Size, scope, and complexity of your project
  • Age and condition of your home

Working with professional contractors and designers can help you create a realistic budget for your project. They can tell you if you’re spending too much money in a certain area, or possibly not upgrading enough in another area. They can also show you how small tweaks with your remodeling plan can allow you to stay on budget and still get the results you desire.

With access to so many design ideas and products, it’s easy for homeowners to lose focus. Deciding on more expensive products or materials or changing the scope or design of your project can quickly add expenses and delay job completion. Working with well-informed designers can help you stay focused and keep your remodeling project on track.

Daniel Salinas, past president of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), explains, “The purpose of a qualified lighting designer is to help you understand lighting and how an effective design can meet your needs both now and in the future.” Lighting designers will not only help you choose pretty fixtures, but they’ll provide a lighting design that properly illuminates and creates the desired ambiance for the space. Choosing the proper lighting controls, such as dimmers, occupancy sensors, and smart home controls, is also an important part of the lighting design process.

The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” can be especially true when it comes to home renovation. Renovation and design professionals go to school to learn their craft, participate in on-going training, and have years of hands-on experience. They will make sure that your job meets or exceeds applicable building codes and regulations. They are also familiar with options for new materials or technologies that might be cheaper, better, or more appropriate for your project. YouTube videos may make certain tasks look easy, but actually performing those tasks can be harder than expected. Homeowners often discover that they don’t have the skills, time, or experience to accomplish a task, which can create more work and additional expenses.

Bottom line: Working with professional service providers will help you stay within your budget, keep your project on track, and ensure that the work is done correctly. It also reduces the stress of trying to complete a home renovation on your own. And that is reason enough to work with professional home renovation providers!

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