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Schonbek Hamilton Rock Chandelier
Schonbek Hamilton Rock Chandelier

It’s a growing fact that the lighting industry today is transitioning from product-focused to more knowledge based.  Customers are able to walk into showrooms with their tablets or smartphones in hand, already knowing the important questions to ask when it comes to selecting the best fixture for their space.  As lighting specialists, we love having customers visit our showroom with well researched and well educated questions and concerns!  Yet, we also want to make sure our clients are being educated with the correct information for each individual space.

Take the crystal chandelier for example.  Style is an important factor in selecting the right fixture, but do you know what type of crystal glass is being used in that piece?  Is it important to you that it is hand crafted, or if it involves a specialty cut crystal?  Are you looking for your chandelier to coordinate with the traditional style of your dining room, or are you looking for it to stand out with a pop of color to make it a more eclectic style?  Many customers are already assessing these questions before they walk into our showroom, but we’re here to help make the most appropriate choice to fit your wants and needs.

Schonbek Jasmine Chandelier
Schonbek Jasmine Chandelier

Schonbek, one of the leading manufacturers in premium crystal lighting for the past 140 years, has developed nearly 200 patented technologies.  Their classic, contemporary or custom designs are produced by hand in-house at Schonbek’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the United States.  This ensures that each product is of the highest heirloom quality and will last for generations.

Schonbek is one of the go-to manufacturers for crystal chandeliers simply because of the amazing crystal options you can choose from when ordering your chandelier.  This includes:

Heritage Handcut

Most authentic, handcrafted crystal in the world.  It is cut by hand in two stages, first on an iron and then on a sandstone wheel.  Each crystal is then polished on a wood wheel with marble dust.

Rock Crystal

This crystal is mined, not manufactured, and therefore it cannot be mass-produced. Skilled gem cutters grind, cut and polish each rock crystal by hand to enhance its splendor and luminosity. No synthetic process will ever replicate the natural prismatic beauty of rock crystal.

Swarovski Elements

These are machine-cut and polished to perfection, the logo is engraved in miniature in each crystal to prevent imitation.  Swarovski is a trademark known as inspiration for designers in the lighting industry and interior design, as well as in the worlds of fashion, jewelry and accessories.

Other crystal types include the Spectra Crystal, Optic Handcut, Gemcut, Vintage Crystal, and Legacy Crystal.

Schonbek Refrax Pendant
Schonbek Refrax Pendant

As a lighting showroom, we welcome you to visit our showroom and personally see the quality and variation in each type of crystal we have to offer for your home.  Crystal lighting is no longer a thing of “old tradition” and can be used in new and exciting ways!  Let us help you add some sparkle and shine to your home today!






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