A sustainable future for our planet starts with us. Purchasing eco-friendly products is one of the best ways to contribute to a greener society. At Gross Electric, we offer environmentally conscious brands like Varuluz for people looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Also, our lamp repair and light bulb recycling services cut down on waste and improper disposal of bulbs. 

Make a Statement With Your Chandelier

The intricate detailing of the Matrix 8-Lt Linear chandelier won’t be the only thing people are talking about! This stunning fixture is made from hand forged recycled steel. Recycled steel products save energy and resources normally used when mining steel. Plus, these sustainable light fixtures indirectly save thousands of gallons of water. 

The randomly hammered elements make this chandelier unique and eye-catching. It is distinctly modern but draws heavy on 70s glam, making it a great addition to any space. Not only is it stunning, but it is an eco-friendly alternative to a traditional chandelier.

Eco-Friendly Pendants

Pendants are great for people who need focused lighting but don’t want the hassle of a floor lamp taking up too much space. Varaluz’s selection of pendant lights is stylish and sourced from sustainable materials.

The Fascination 1-Lt Mini Pendant is breathtaking. Inspired by the ruins of a Nevada mine at sunset, this light is made from recycled steel and recycled glass discs. Using recycled glass conserves resources and helps reduce pollution levels. The rich, warm colors and craftsmanship make this piece stand out.

If you are looking for a bigger fixture, the Flow 6-Lt Twist Pendant will turn heads. The captivating design mimics movement and rhythm and is made from hand-forged recycled steel. The warm tone-tone finishes will illuminate any room.

Energy Efficient LED Lights

Purchasing products made from recycled materials isn’t the only way to lead a greener lifestyle. LED lighting is another fantastic alternative to traditional light resources. LED lighting lasts longer and is more energy-efficient, as they use around 50% less energy than fluorescent bulbs. You’ll be saving money on your energy bill and helping reduce your carbon footprint— a win-win situation for you and the planet! 

The Brilliance design is back and better than ever! This popular product line is now in LED, making it a great option for your next bathroom lighting choice. The LED Small Bath Fixture and LED Large Wall Sconce are simple yet stunning. The chromed metalwork complements the cool crystal glass.

Sustainable Decor

Varaluz also has a line of eco-friendly home decor to complement your lighting. Their True North 30-in Round Reclaimed Wood w/ Gold Accents Mirror looks excellent in any room due to its neutral tones and beautiful accents. Products made from reclaimed wood help reduce waste and preserve vital resources. 

If you are a fan of sculptural art, check out their collection of wall art! The Work Of Heart Silver Mixed-Media Wall Art is made from recycled steel and industrial hardware; these combined elements make this work a great conversation piece.

person repairing light fixture wires

Gross Electric Lamp Repair and Light bulb Recycling

Besides our sustainable product offerings, we also offer lamp repair and light bulb recycling services. 

We restore any type of fixture; our experienced repair technicians can rewire, re-shade, or replate your lighting fixture or complete other improvements as needed. Our services help ensure that your lighting is functioning properly and safely. 

Some light bulbs must be disposed of in a specific way because they could potentially harm the environment. We will properly dispose of your light bulbs from your home or business for a nominal fee. 

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