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Mid-century modern design grew in popularity from the 1940s to the 1970s. During this time period, there was increased interest in nuclear physics, molecular chemistry, and science fiction which inspired the unique shapes seen in everything from furniture and lighting to homes and office buildings.

Mid-century modern style combines vintage elements with sleek and timeless forms that have never really gone out of style. Each generation has reimagined mid-century styles in furniture, home décor, lighting, and architecture.

Four common elements in mid-century modern style:

Uncomplicated Style

From clean and straight to delicately curved, lines are sleek and simple in the mid-century modern style. As opposed to the vertical lines and angular corners of art deco style, mid-century modern design emphasizes horizontal lines and rounded corners.

Asymmetry & Abstract Design

In another departure from art deco design that preceded the mid-century modern movement, asymmetrical and abstract designs are characteristics of mid-century modern art, lighting, and home decor.

Natural Light

Mid-century modern architectural designs focus on bringing in more natural light by utilizing vast glass walls and sliding doors. To complement the natural light, mid-century lighting fixtures often feature lighter woods and brass tones.


The mid-century modern style blends easily with almost any other design. It can be incorporated with industrial, vintage, or contemporary decor.

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