Timeless and Versatile Lights for Fall.

Everyone loves fall; the rich colors, the layers, the beautiful textiles, and so much more. Some of our favorite lighting looks in years past have been fall-themed and this year is no different. We’re seeing a variety of looks: from geometric lines to macrame details strung from fixtures. What is exciting is that all of these trends are extremely versatile and will become timeless pieces in the future. Continue reading to find out what lighting trends to expect this Autumn season. We’ve curated some looks from three of our favorite trend-making brands, Capital Lighting, Hudson Valley, and Hubbardton Forge. 

Brass Lights (& Hardware). Featuring Hudson Valley Lighting.

This new favorite has made its way onto the scene over the last couple of years. It’s simple and classic, with a touch of funky flair. What makes brass light so unique is that it can be paired with white for a clean, modern flair or with complementary colored decors, such as deep, moody blues and purples to evoke a modern elegance. Even combine it with industrial-style bulbs and/or wood fixtures to create a layered and bold look. Whatever your personal decor style, a brass light fixture is a perfect addition to any space.

One of our featured brands, Hudson Valley Lighting has an exquisite collection of various brass finishes. Their options include aged brass, matte brass, oxidized brass, polished brass, rose brass, and many more. You are sure to find a new favorite brass finish for your next lighting fixture. 

Another Favorite Fall Lighting Trend: Transitional Farmhouse Lighting by Capital Lighting.

Pair a transitional modern piece with something with a boho flair like these beautiful pieces. They look fantastic as a dining room centerpiece or arranged in a linear pattern down a hallway. The combination of straight lines with curved edges evokes an upscale vibe; elegance without pretentiousness. It can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the setting. Another one of our favorite brands for this look is Capital Lighting. They have a wide variety of farmhouse options, from glam to boho.

Favorite Fall Lighting Trend: Wood Finishes featuring Hubbardton Forge.

Modular wood finishes are the latest trend to hit the scene. These casual elements are juxtaposed with modular contemporary vibes. The wood material brings the outdoors inside and creates the perfect autumn atmosphere. We’ve also seen wood accents added to chandeliers, incorporating elegance and grandeur into a casual piece. The organic look of a wooden chandelier can be paired with various home decor styles: anything from modern to farmhouse to boho chic. Fixtures accented with these details bring a universal appeal to any piece.

White Lights with Unique Textures & Elements.

Minimal but funky – we’re loving textured white lights. What’s great about this trend is that you can pair white with any type of decor style. But with the added texture, the piece will be anything but boring. We love seeing these types of lights paired with reclaimed wood finishes, macrame details and mixed metal designs. They can also complement a contemporary, clean space just as well.

As you can see, there are many new and exciting trends to keep an eye out for as we head into fall and winter. Whether you are someone who enjoys changing your decor around every year or you prefer classic, simple pieces – there’s always something for you. Visit us at our Toledo and Ann Arbor showrooms to find the perfect piece for you. We take pride in our personalized approach to home decorating and getting to know each and every one of our customers. We are confident that we will find you the perfect light for your space.

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