Valentine’s Day reminds us to stop and smell the roses, so today, more than ever, we are thankful for those we love most. It’s true that good things come in pairs – and we’re not just talking about you and your special someone. Read on to find out how these dynamic lighting duos can elevate your space!

Should you prioritize function or form? This push and pull is a constant battle for designers and homeowners alike. The good news is, we know the secret to doubling up on both function and aesthetic. Drum roll please…doubling up on your fixtures! With two properly placed ceiling fans, you can bring both symmetry and proper ventilation to any space. This is especially true for large, open rooms as fans can occupy negative ceiling space while simultaneously increasing air flow. So when you’re looking to elevate your space, think twice before you make a compromise and let our showroom experts lend a hand!

(Featuring: Maverick Max LED – Brushed Steel Koa by Monte Carlo)

When suspending pendant fixtures above a dining space, size is an important consideration. Most islands and tables fall between six and eight feet in length, providing ample room for a set of pendants. You can choose to stay simple with a sleek, small pendant set, or go bold and mis-match sizes and shapes. Whichever your design preference, make sure to opt for fixtures with enough diameter to light the space!

(Featuring: 1 Light Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting)

While you can let your creativity take over when choosing lighting fixtures, certain sconce styles work best for different lighting goals. Bathrooms, for example, require lighting that will fully illuminate the face when looking in the mirror. This is where the importance of pairs comes in! Sets of sconces or task lighting on either side of a vanity can eliminate unwanted shadows that may be cast by one single over-head light and create an even glow. The same rings true for other areas of your home that need balance and even lighting. During your next home remodeling project, try outlining lighting goals for each room before you select your style – then leave it up to the Gross Electric team to handle the rest!

(Featuring: Raef 1 Light Wall Sconce)

If you’re looking to give your outdated space some extra love, visit our showroom and trust our expert lighting matchmakers to help you find the perfect pair.