Give Your Bathroom a Refresh

Your jam-packed calendar can only mean one thing: the holidays are right around the corner. With Thanksgiving get-togethers and gift exchanges on the horizon, a quick refresh of the often overlooked spaces in your home can make a huge difference. One example: small bathroom updates. After all, It’s a place many people will spend their time and they should have the best experience possible.

We know what you’re thinking – who wants to add more to their plate during this time of the year? Do not worry, we’re here to help you to take the stress out of preparation. Read below for some of our tried and tested ways to breathe life into your bathroom for the weeks and months ahead (with minimal effort). Amongst all of the holiday decorating ideas out there, we have the most simple and to-the-point guidelines.

Swap Out Light Fixtures.

Revamping your bathroom does not have to be a time-consuming renovation project. Simple changes like switching out a lampshade or an updated bathroom vanity light can create an entirely new aesthetic.

Add an upscale, modern feel to your bathroom by combining black and gold fixtures such as a combination of the Cecilia and Dillon collections from Capital Lighting.

LED Bathroom Mirrors.

Backlighting with an LED Bathroom Mirror can add a sense of elegant sophistication to your bathroom without the pretentiousness of more extravagant fixtures. A soft LED glow offers a combination of sparkle and warmth that is sure to make your guests feel right at home. In addition, we recommend LED framed bathroom mirrors not only because they emit light all around you but also because they are also customizable due to their dimming and temperature control features.

Add Ambiance.

Sconce fixtures combined with warm Edison bulbs are a great way to add dimension and variation to your bathroom refresh. They come in every color you can imagine. Add amber for warmth, or go full-out with holiday colors! They can be mounted on either side of a mirror for a soft glow, as an overhead light, or anywhere else your heart desires. Another bonus – they can be paired with a dimmer so that at night, they assist with navigation. Late-night trips to the bathroom call for a directive, guiding glow – your guests will definitely appreciate the extra effort.

person repairing light fixture wires

Light Fixture Repair Services

Do you have a lamp that you absolutely adore that your young nephew knocked over last year and broke? Have you held onto it because you were planning to fix it and have not had the time? Or do you have an outdated light fixture that could use updating? Maybe you have both!

Regardless of the specifics, here at Gross Electric, we have in-house lamp repair experts at our Ann Arbor and Toledo locations! Our lamp repair experts are equipped to handle any and all types of repairs on all types of lighting fixtures. In addition to lamp repairs, our Gross Electric technicians can swap out or add unique parts to any lamp. Need a new base, spindle, sprocket, cord, plug or shade? We’ve got you covered. Schedule an in-store design consultation to discuss different options with one of our experts.

If it's a minor repair, simply drop off the fixture, whether purchased from us or not, and we will have it ready for you in time for your first event. Rest easy knowing that we are here to assist in creating the perfect atmosphere for your guests.

Celebrations, Commence!

With everything else you are expected to plan, from the dinner menu to the guest list, the motivation to add additional projects to your plate is nonexistent. Just remember, little changes have the biggest impact. With our tips and tricks, you can easily transform your space in time for your holiday guests.

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