Lighting Design Tips

E5 smYou love the way your home looks during the day, but as the sun sets, it just fades into the darkness.  With these tips, we can help you love the way your home looks in the evening, too!

Let’s talk technique. . .  There are 8 basic techniques you can use to achieve spectacular landscape lighting.

  • Moonlighting – placing lighting hidden up high to create downward illumination
  • Up lighting – placing a lighting fixture in the ground that shines upward to highlight a focal point
  • Cross lighting – crossing two beams of light to fully highlight all sides of a focal point
  • Mirror – using lighting to create a reflection in a pool or pond
  • Grazing – using lighting with a wide beam spread to light up a building’s façade
  • Shadowing – directional lighting to cast shadows onto a surface
  • Silhouette – similar to shadowing, but with more dramatic elements like a sculpture
  • Path/Spread – casting lighting onto the floor for ease of access

Kichler LED 12V_Accent_Spotlight_app photoLess CAN be more. . .  A few different techniques used smartly can create a more impressive design than simply doing a lot of one technique.  (Or trying to use them all!)

With landscape lighting, you must consider your main viewing angle. Think of how you can highlight your property’s best features without feeling the need to over light your property.   What makes lighting at night so magical is the play on darkness and light.  Consider decorative and functional path lights, a beautiful wall sconce, grazing on textured stone work, and up lighting a tree in your front yard.

Hinkley_Shelter_1321kz_1547kz_hi resThink “Measure Twice, Cut Once!”  Just as when you’re working on a construction project, you want to make sure all your measurements are correct before doing the final installation.

Hook up and lay out your lighting before the sun goes down, but DO NOT bury your wire until after you have seen how it illuminates your property AT NIGHT.  That is the time to make adjustments!  Once you have everything placed perfectly, you can feel confident in your design and create your small trenches to bury your wire.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes with your landscape lighting.  They are easy to fix!  There are only a few ways you can “mess up”. . .

  •  Position your fixture alone in the middle of your property
  • Shine lighting directly into windows and create glare
  • Position lighting too close and create “hot spots”Kichler outdoor living app photo

We hope these tips inspire you to come in and speak with one of our lighting consultants.  We can’t wait to work with you to create a magical and unique landscape lighting design that makes your home stand out both day AND night!