The delicate, gleaming surface of mirrors is an integral part of getting-ready routines, allowing us to physically see ourselves like no other item can. Their practical placements over bathroom sinks and dresser drawers would surely be missed if they were not there. However, mirrors can be included in any room for function, style, or both. The clean glass of mirrors makes rooms look larger and reflects light to brighten the space. A mirror placed in the front entryway is perfect for a last-minute reflection check before you head out the door. Here’s Gross Electric’s starter guide for incorporating decorative mirrors into your home with finesse.

Do’s and Don’ts for Placing Decorative Mirrors

There is great freedom and creativity in the ways that mirrors can be used to enhance your home. Here are some placements that work particularly well, along with recommendations for what doesn’t work:


DO place large mirrors in tiny rooms.

One of the biggest benefits of reflective surfaces is they make tight spaces look larger. Mirrors open up small rooms so they look airier and less cluttered. Do not be afraid of placing a large mirror in a tiny space, as the illusion of depth is most needed in these areas. Mirrors can be excellent choices for narrow hallways and staircases. Horizontal mirrors visually widen the space and create better flow from room to room, while a vertical mirror at the end of the hall can create the illusion of a longer hallway.DON’T place mirrors randomly around your home.

Any room holds possibilities, but smart design choices are important even with such a ubiquitous piece as a decorative mirror. It may be tempting to slap a mirror on any empty wall, but be cognizant of what the mirror reflects. The worst thing a decorator can do is to hang a mirror so that it reflects random belongings in your home, such as a pile of clutter or an unattractive piece of furniture. Try to coordinate wall mirror decorating ideas with the other furnishings and lighting in the room.


DO make mirrors a focal point.

Due to their shiny, ethereal appearance, mirrors can truly dress up a space. Unique shapes or bold frames can easily make the mirror a statement piece. To add a more dramatic appearance, backlight a mirror with LED tape

DON’T go overboard with mirrors in the kitchen and bedroom.

The occasional accent mirror can be well done in any room, but be careful with kitchens and bedrooms. For kitchens, try not to place mirrors near food prep areas or anywhere they might regularly get dirty. Fingerprints and sticky marks will show instantly and ruin the look. A mirrored backsplash can create a cool, modern look, but it will need to be wiped off frequently. In the bedroom, place mirrors over the headboard or perhaps to the side of the bed over a vanity. Do not place the mirror on the wall facing the foot of the bed, or you will wake up seeing your morning reflection first thing every day.

How Do I Choose Mirrors to Fit My Home’s Style and Space?

There are few limitations to the styles and shapes of mirror possibilities. Both traditional and more modern decor looks can tastefully include mirrors. See some examples from our Bright Ideas gallery:

Farmhouse Style Bathroom

This barn-like feel is perfect for a modern farmhouse style home. The large, dark wood frame around the mirror is traditional, yet rustic. It complements the wood panels and deep red on the walls. The rugged barn-light wall fixture finishes off the look.

Beveled Glass Mirror Bordered by Sconces

This vanity space uses metal fixtures and lighter, more natural colors for a calm, clean look. The tall, modern sconces with understated metal accents are a perfect example of how to decorate with a beveled glass mirror. Note that none of the elements on the vanity surface are particularly “heavy” looking; such an item might overpower the beveled glass mirror.

Farmhouse Style Bathroom

The large mirror over the couch does a perfect job of opening up the room, reflecting the ambient light for a brighter ambiance, and emphasizing the lovely stone fireplace on the other side of the room.

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Recessed Shelf Lighting with Decorative Mirror

Mirrors can be a visually interesting way to bring more attention to an heirloom or piece of artwork on display. In this example, we see a built-in shelf backed by a mirror and recessed lighting to display a crystal vase.

Gross Electric as your Decorative Mirror Resource

Gross Electric offers more than 1,000 options for mirrors that you can use to enhance your home: large and small, framed and unframed, unusual and traditional shapes, single mirrors and collections of smaller mirrors.

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