Summer entertaining season is here, meaning that you, your family, and friends can spend more time outside in the yard as the sun sets. As dusk approaches, the laughter and conversation can extend far past the reach of sunlight. This is where outdoor lighting and landscape lighting come in. With the right outdoor lighting ideas for your yard and home, you can make memories and build relationships that will last far longer than the last sounds of laughter and crickets chirping.


For cookouts, family get-togethers, and peaceful Saturday evenings, outdoor patio lights or garden lights could be the perfect way to keep the drinks and conversation flowing into the cool of the evening. If you have a swimming pool, unique landscape lighting ideas could turn your splashy source of fun during the day into a relaxing, resort-like area at night.


Even if you are not much of an entertainer, landscape lighting can put that finishing touch on your personal outdoor sanctuary. Creative patio lighting ideas can make eating dinner as a family as charming as a movie scene. For families that have young, active children, summer evenings spent tossing a baseball or Frisbee in the backyard will make memories that your children can cherish forever. Backyard camping can be another fun activity, and landscape lighting will quell any fear of the dark held by your little ones.

Gardening and landscape design

Aside from the social aspects of landscape lighting, many people derive great pleasure from designing gardens and landscapes as a solo activity. Brightly colored flowers and foliage are crafted into masterpieces, and garden lights further enhance the scenery. You can transform your yard into a place of solace and reflection or vibrant energy and beauty as your personality desires. Unique landscape lighting ideas can allow you and others to enjoy your garden even after dark.

Here are some tips from the DIY Network on how to do landscape lighting well:

  • Mark parameters. The incorporation of lights into a design can denote edges and boundaries within your garden. Their placement guides the eye.
  • Light a path, but do not overdo it. Path lighting can be an enchanting way to guide walkers through your design. However, less can certainly be more; runway lighting is probably not what you’re aiming for. Instead, the landscape lights should be gentle hints of where to go next. They should provide enough illumination so that a walker can avoid tripping over obstacles even in the dead of night, while still maintaining enough shadow for a natural feel.
  • Accent objects of interest. Garden lighting can be focused to accent specific elements, like statues, trees or plants. A good rule of thumb is to use warm (yellow/orange) light on man-made objects and cool (white/blue) light on plants. Also, plan your landscaping before you install the lighting fixtures so the lighting does not get blocked by other plants or hardscapes.

Gross Electric’s lighting designers can help you craft the perfect landscape lighting for your yard, fitting for whatever activities you enjoy. Browse our landscape lighting fixtures to get started.

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