When planning the lighting design for your home, it is just as important to consider the outside as it is to consider the inside. Walkways are likely the most-trafficked areas of your yard, and the routes you want visitors to take to approach your home. As such, you want to give as much consideration (if not more) to pathways than the rest of your yard when it comes to design and lighting.

Benefits of pathway lighting

  1. Appearance. The obvious benefit to walkway lighting is that it makes your sidewalks, driveways, and stairs visible even after dark. In the pitch black of a fall evening as the days get shorter, the journey between the car and your front door can be intimidating and cold for visitors. However, pathway lighting instantly invites them in and guides them to your door. Moreover, your selection of pathway lights can show your personality and style in subtle ways.

  2. Personal Safety. Hazards of many types can threaten walkers on your pathway: raised bricks or stones, branches, deep drop-offs from the side of a paved path, toys or other objects strewn about from the day, and even animals. Walkway lighting greatly reduces the risks of these dangers, as people can now see to avoid them. Stairway lighting is especially crucial, as walkers need to be able to determine the height of the steps as well as their depth to avoid tripping.

  3. Protect your plants. Many home walkways are edged with gardens or some sort of plant life. In the dark, there is high risk for a foot to slip off the side of the path and crush low-growing greens. Prevent the unfortunate injury of your impatiens with outdoor garden lights.

  4. Landscape lighting ideas for pathways

    Follow these Gross Electric tips and tricks for creating the landscape lighting you desire with ease.

    1. Include lights as part of overall landscape design, instead of as an afterthought. It will increase the curb appeal of your home.
    2. Motion sensor lights can add visual interest as they illuminate just one or two feet ahead at a time, but they will not work for all projects. Also note that they will only be on when someone is walking on the path.
    3. Consider using a timer. Instead of needing to remember to turn your pathway lights on every night, put them on a timer to come on at twilight. This will help you avoid situations like forgetting to turn on the pathway lights before family members come home from work or before party guests arrive.
    4. Do not feel bound by one particular type of lighting style just because it is common! Sure, the globes on top of posts do the job, but they are far from the only options. Let your imagination run wild.

    How can Gross Electric help?

    Gross Electric has lighting designers on staff who can perfect your landscape lighting. Contact Gross Electric to start a conversation.

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