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Kichler kitchen app photoUnder cabinet lighting (UCL) is often times overlooked when building or remodeling a kitchen, but it should be toward the top of your lighting list.  Having different lighting layers in your kitchen helps transform your space for all of the various events that take place in your home.  It is, of course, very important to have great overhead lighting as well as accent lighting in the kitchen.  By adding UCL, you will have more concentrated task lighting when you need it for cooking, reading recipes, and food preparation.  If you have a dimmable UCL system, it can also act as ambient lighting during a party or as a night light for your late night munchies run!

Kichler LED tape_black

Recently, Kichler developed our #1 UCL system, the LED Tape (pictured above).  The tape is a low voltage system (24v), so it runs off of a dimmable or non-dimmable driver.  The tape is low profile, allowing one to place it under almost any cabinet. The LED tape uses minimal electricity at 4 watts of power per foot, and produces next to no heat.  To allow for versatility, the tape is offered in three different color temperatures: 2700, 3000, and 4000 Kelvin. The Kelvin scale helps determine the color of light, with 2700k being more yellow in color and what most people are used to in their homes.  This color temperature works great with earth tones, whereas the 3000k is perfect for a white kitchen.Beerbower shelves

LED tape lighting is not only for under the cabinets in your kitchen.  It can be installed in niches, cove ceilings, and under book shelves.  There is even Damp/Wet location tape, which is ideal for bathroom applications.

Do you have an area in your home that you think would benefit from LED tape lighting?  Stop into our showroom and speak with one of our lighting experts.  We can help design your space!

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