Project Owner: Lucas County Ohio
Project Manager: Tom Tingle
HNTB Job #: 44937
HNTB Company: Architecture
HNTB Market Sector: ÊLocal Government

Lighting Design

A well-lit area is the result of careful planning. In the world of theater and performing arts, a specific member of the production crew is designated for lighting design to enhance the performance. Just as the perfect illumination can elicit emotion and emphasize a story’s climax, the right lighting can turn your room into a lively center of energy or a relaxing space for repose.

Ambiance does not happen by accident; it is the work of a practiced lighting designer. For more than 100 years, Gross Electric has helped families and businesses with home lighting design and commercial lighting design. We work with clients in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan to create illumination that brings out the warmth and beauty of their home or effectively brightens their office, store or workspace. Whether you prefer traditional lighting, modern lighting, or something in-between, our staff is equipped to give you the environment you desire.

Trained by the American Lighting Association and the Illuminating Engineering Society, our lighting designers can work with blueprints for new construction, work on-site for projects in progress, or help create better lighting for an existing space.

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