Experimenting with mixed finishes in your lighting, such as black and gold, brings a customized look to any room. It also gives you the freedom to use different materials in your décor. Coordinate black picture frames, throw pillows, or lamp shades with your black and gold light fixtures. Choose tables and cabinets with gold or brass hardware. Accessorize with gold-framed mirrors or wall art and gold candle holders.

Should you prioritize function or form? This push and pull is a constant battle for designers and homeowners alike. The good news is, we know the secret to doubling up on both function and aesthetic. Drum roll please…doubling up on your fixtures! With two properly placed ceiling fans, you can bring both symmetry and proper ventilation to any space. This is especially true for large, open rooms as fans can occupy negative ceiling space while simultaneously increasing air flow. So when you’re looking to elevate your space, think twice before you make a compromise and let our showroom experts lend a hand!

(Featuring: Maverick Max LED – Brushed Steel Koa by Monte Carlo)

Lighting fixtures with black and gold finishes work well with modern, art deco, industrial, and mid-century modern décor. Black is a neutral color that works with all other design elements and can be paired with nearly any color scheme. Gold is both dramatic and sophisticated and provides an upscale feel.

Polished and matte textures work well together, which is why gold and black are natural partners. Matte black lighting fixtures are especially popular, but lacquered black fixtures are also appearing in the marketplace. We’re seeing gold in a variety of hues, from bright, yellow gold to antique brass, paired with black finishes. Polished gold adds a touch of glamour. Vintage gold finish brings a strong contrast to a white room. Natural brass brings a moodier vibe to rooms with dark paint and cabinetry.

If you want to design a room with high contrast style, black and gold light fixtures can create drama and help your space stand out. Thoughtfully placed black fixtures command attention and guide the eye around a room. If your room is mostly light, a black and gold fixture will create the most drama. When paired with lighter neutrals, black light fixtures provide depth and warmth to a room.

Sculptural lighting elements in black and gold are right on trend. These fixtures are both decorative and functional, and are available in many forms, including table and floor lamps, chandeliers, and sconces. These bigger and bolder fixtures take center stage by providing a major focal point for the room.

Lighting fixtures with black matte finish add texture to your room. This can be accomplished with a single lighting fixture or a group of pendants. Consider using black and gold pendants in a variety of shapes and sizes to add texture and dimension to your space.

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