Industrial lighting is a trend that’s been around for a few years now, but it isn’t losing any steam. This style is extremely versatile and can fit into a variety of decors, including farmhouse, contemporary, or industrial themed spaces with exposed brick and unfinished wood. The appeal of industrial design is that it features utilitarian spaces, stripped-back architecture, and repurposed objects.

Inspired by the 20th century Industrial Revolution, industrial lighting fixtures are often modeled after pieces from vintage factories and warehouses. Other pieces are inspired from old farming machinery or schoolhouse lighting.

Some industrial fixtures use elements that look like pipes and faucets as part of their design. Natural metal, oil rubbed bronze, and wrought iron finishes are popular in industrial lighting fixtures.

A hallmark of industrial lighting fixtures is the use of retro filament bulbs, also known as Edison bulbs.  The great thing is that you can now get Edison-style bulbs in modern LED lighting.  These LED bulbs have the same warm, nostalgic beauty of the vintage bulbs, but last longer and consume less energy.

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