Lighting fixtures with black finishes emerged onto the scene in 2017, and will continue to be popular in 2018. Black has always had an air of elegance and luxury with it, mostly due to the formality of black-tie events. More than that, it is no surprise that this simple yet classy look is coming to the U.S. lighting stores since this trend was recently in mid- to high- end European markets.

Why black lighting fixtures?

Black elements carry with them a modern look that is sleek and minimalistic. Therefore, black lighting fixtures will illuminate a space without taking away from other design elements in the room. But black matte finish is also being used in statement lighting fixtures that draw attention in the room. According to ImproveNet, chandeliers with a modern design are taking center-stage this year, utilizing non-traditional materials such as wood and black metal.

How can I incorporate black lighting fixtures into my home?

First of all, you want to ensure that black light fixtures fit in with the rest of your décor. This should be fairly easy to do, since all styles of lighting fixtures, from vintage industrial to contemporary, are embracing the black finish trend. You can also add black elements in other parts of the room. There is no limit to what room elements can be black: black-burnished drawer handles, a black metal or wood frame for a living room table, or even a black throw blanket on the sofa.

Pair black with a metal, such as silver or burnished gold. Lighting fixtures with black and chrome or nickel have a more contemporary look.  Burnished gold with black has a more classic feel while staying on-trend.

The benefit of mixing black with metal is that it enables you to include lighting fixtures with different finishes in the same room that coordinate well with each other, while not being boring. For example, if your attention-getter is gold and black, the other pieces can be either gold or black and still fit the schema. Plus, if straight black is too dark for your style or the look of the room you’re lighting, a metallic-black mix might be the solution.

Where can I incorporate black light fixtures?

Black finishes can be incorporated into any room in your home that you desire.


In addition to your lighting fixtures, interior designers are seeing a rise in gunmetal and matte-black finishes for faucets, handles, and other kitchen elements. The use of black stainless appliances is also on the rise.

Currey Denison Large Lantern

Living Room

Neutrals and earth tones make your living room a comfortable and relaxing space. Black painted tables and entertainment cabinets can work well with a variety of furniture styles. In addition to lighting fixtures, black can also be incorporated in your living room with picture frames, area rugs, and throw pillows.

Access Chuki Pendant


To avoid having a dark and dreary bedroom, tie black together with brighter pops of color. Vibrant accents, whether in the bedspread, the wall art, or other home decor, can let your personality show through and inject some joy into the space.



Add a vanity light with a black finish, along with a mirror with a matte black frame or black towels in your bathroom. Incorporating black in the room where you relax in a bath, unwinding from the stresses of the day, can give the room a luxurious feel.



Add a black lamp or lighting fixture in your office for a sophisticated look.  Or if you’d like your office to have a more creative, funky vibe, pair lamps with black shades with a geometric or zebra print area rug and desk accessories.

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Gross Electric’s lighting design services

If you are interested in light fixtures with black finishes, but are still not sure how to incorporate them into your home, Gross Electric’s lighting designers are here to help. They are skilled practitioners at fitting your space with the perfect illumination for function and ambiance. Trained by the American Lighting Association, our lighting designers can work with blueprints for new construction, work on-site for projects in progress, or help create better lighting for an existing room.

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