Just like music and fashion trends, lighting trends come and go. At the International Lighting Market in Dallas, gold was everywhere we turned! After years of losing popularity to silver and nickel finishes, gold is making a comeback — but not the bright brassy gold that reminds you of grandma’s house! There are many variations of golden hues, from soft gold to bright gold to Wilshire gold. Gold tones add warmth to your decor. Gold is also a design element that you can mix and match with other metals, like silver and bronze, to create a layered look.

Soft gold finish is especially catching on, as it falls somewhere between brushed silver and brushed gold. It has the same soft matte finish as these two hues and coordinates well with pale gray and beige decor.

According to Amanda Gates of Gates Interior Design, “Gold isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s bigger than ever. Silver is out. The trend will last 7-10 years, so starting investing in the color.”

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