When it comes to lighting and home decor, universal matching is out. So don’t be afraid to mix things up! Mixed metals are on trend in today’s home decor. Your lamps and sconces don’t have to match your ceiling light. Your cabinet hardware doesn’t need to have the same finish as your lighting fixtures. (But your decorative hardware and cabinet hinges should be the same metal.)

For best results, mix between two and four metals in your space. Try picking a dominant metal and then contrasting it. For example, if most of the items in your room have a nickel finish, add a brass light fixture. Consider using the two-thirds, one-third rule — the dominant metal is used in two-thirds of the room, while a contrasting metal is used in the other third.

Almost every manufacturer we saw at the International Lighting Market in Dallas had a mixed metal piece. Whether the metals used in a lighting fixture have similar hues or are in dramatic contrast with one another, mixed metal pieces create visual interest.

Gold is being paired with other metals (as discussed in our previous blog post, “Go for the Gold!”). We are also seeing fixtures with black & chrome and black & copper finishes. Smooth black finishes give modern lighting a sleek look.

In addition to mixing metals, don’t be afraid to mix shiny and matte textures together — either in the fixture itself or in the space.  In a room with brushed hardware and appliances, a shiny lighting fixture can help offset the space.

Still a little hesitant to jump on the mixed metals bandwagon? Our lighting specialists can help you find the right mix for your space.

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