From prints and patterns to fixtures and finishes, the ever changing home design landscape continues to keep us on our toes with emerging trends that will inevitably make their way into your next home refresh. Although it may seem that fads are fleeting, the truth is, great style is timeless. So when the new year brings new trends, some unique, others tried and true, remember to look around your home to see which spaces might be in need of a fresh take. Read on and keep an eye out for these emerging trends (because our team thinks they are certainly worth your while.)

Natural Materials give a warm and breezy feel to any space, all year around. If your home design preferences tend to heir on the neutral side, you know better than anyone that things can easily become visually flat. A good way to add some character to a stale space is by adding texture, and maybe a hint of 80s nostalgia. Tactile materials like rattan, bamboo, seagrass, and cork will do the trick and have major staying power as they never seem to go out of style.

(Featuring: Balboa 8Lt Pendant (F6748) by Troy)

Colors are coming, be bold! Rich shades of terracotta, burnt orange, ochre, and olive will help cultivate a warm ambiance. These buttery hues are ultra-versatile and can be paired with organic fixtures for a mid-century modern inspired look that simultaneously echoes nature. This new wave of organic modernism moves away from the sharp angles we know so well from iconic 1960s home design and moves us toward a style primarily concerned with the shapes, materials, and colors that gained popularity during this time.

(Featuring: Uttermost Solene Orange Table Lamp)

Play with proportion. Industrial lighting trends have remained at the forefront of home design for some time because of their inherent ability to balance minimalism and boldness. The sleek, architectural pieces are minimal in themselves but act as statement pieces when they are scaled. The juxtaposition of the streamlined design of the object against the dramatic effect its size creates can be extremely visually intriguing. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to opt for minimal lighting where you would otherwise go bold. Small sconces can replace your bedside lamps and a configuration of mini hanging pendants can replace an oversized dinette fixture. Our point is, there are no rules.

(Featuring: George’S Reading Room- 1 Light Arc Floor Lamp Marble Base)

Lighting trends are going back to black….again. 2019 proved to be the year of black home decor, however, this trend isn’t going anywhere! Black light fixtures and hardware prove time and time again that their versatility is unparalleled and their design is timeless. They can be eye catching, sleek, or subtle, it’s all up to you and how you’d like it to be incorporated into your space.

(Featuring: Hunters Point 1Lt Pendant (F6724) by Troy)

As we move into the new year, allow yourself to explore new styles and lighting trends – after all, your home should be your haven and place that inspires! Whether it’s starting small with a fixture or two, or completely overhauling your home decor, Gross Electric is here to help you bring your vision to light.