Twinkling Christmas tree lights.  The soft glow of the chandelier over your dining room table.  Flickering candles.  How we light our homes during the holidays helps us set the mood from warm and cozy to fun and festive.

From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, the dining room table is the center of family dinners and party buffets.  Does the light fixture hanging above that table reflect your style and personality?  There was a time when the only options that existed for a dining room chandelier were crystal or brass, but today there are more options than ever to make that focal point in your dining room really shine.

Quoizel Alana Chandelier

Lighting fixtures with glass, crystal, metal, wrought iron, or a mix of several elements allow you to showcase your decorating style. Mixed metal lighting fixtures have become very popular over the past year, and are available in an array of styles.

If you want to do something different than a traditional single or multi-tiered chandelier, pendant lighting is an option.  Depending on the size of your table, you can opt for one large pendant or several smaller pendants. Orb pendants are particularly popular. If you want to create some contrast in your decor, you can hang several pendants of the same style in different colors, or choose different pendants in the same color.  Hanging pendants at alternating heights is another way to add subtle visual interest.

Sonneman Corona LED Rectangular Pendant

For contemporary or modern décor, many lighting manufacturers are introducing fixtures with integrated LED, which allows for slim, sleek designs without the need for standard shaped bulbs. These fixtures combine clean lines with leading edge energy saving technology.

Of course for some, there’s nothing that catches the eye like the sparkle of a crystal chandelier.  Today’s crystal chandeliers range from traditional styles with draping beads to contemporary fixtures with modern finishes, such as bronze or polished chrome, and crystals set in geometric patterns.

No matter what type of lighting fixture you choose, a dimmer is a must-have for your dining room.  A dimmer enables you to adjust the lighting to just the right level, whether you’re hosting a romantic dinner for two or a large holiday gathering.

For some inspiration for your dining room lighting, visit our Bright Ideas Gallery or browse chandelier options in our online store.

Schonbek Century Chandelier

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