Sophisticated pendant lighting provides both function and aesthetic. Suspended from the ceiling by cord, chain or metal rod, pendants are diverse fixtures that can be integrated into virtually any space. Although they aren’t a new or novel design concept, they’ve started to dominate the market due to their versatility. We are used to seeing them atop kitchen islands, or maybe tracking down a hallway, but more recently we’ve seen modern pendant lighting shine as a new chandelier, suspended over tables as well as in foyers and bedrooms. From shape and size to style and flair, we’re providing a simple guide to help you pick your pendant with ease.

Small but mighty. The mini pendant takes minimalism to a new extreme, which becomes apparent as it effortlessly transitions into almost any style. These small fixtures are great for naturally lit areas or rooms with alternative sources of light, such as recessed lighting or lamps. Although the petite pendants may not produce beams of light that span throughout the room, they possess the unique ability to place emphasis on the area directly below and around where they are hung. Strangely enough, the dramatic effect they produce is rooted in their subtlety.

(Featuring: 1 Light Pendant by Generation Lighting)

Go big or go home! Much of the preference for chandeliers stems from their size as well as their ability to fully illuminate a space. As modern pendant lighting has evolved, designers have focused their efforts on bringing them to scale so that they hold equal, if not more visual weight than your average chandelier. These larger pendants are often constructed from natural, woven materials such as bamboo and rattan, but have more recently appeared in more streamlined forms such as industrial cones.

(Featuring: 1 Light Large Pendant by Hudson Valley)

The more the merrier! Another approach to modern pendant lighting is the simultaneous suspension of three or four in the same region. Don’t be afraid to mix and match as subtle differentiation in size or shape will only add dimension to your space. The main takeaway here is that while pendants are often stunning when they stand alone, layering in some contrast in form will allow the fixtures to play off of one another in an interesting way.

(Featuring: Wabi Sabi 1 Light Pendant by Troy Lighting)

When it comes to modern pendant lighting the options are endless! Choose a fixture that compliments your decor, draws attention, or adds subtle flair, by mixing shapes, sizes and shades. Whatever your goal, there is a fixture waiting for you!