On a day-to-day basis, you probably don’t put much thought into your door handles and cabinet hardware. But, for guests who are seeing them for the first time, these handles make a subtle impression and add to the overall aesthetic of your home. Visitors notice door knobs and cabinet handles in your home because they are items that are touched. Furthermore, since handles and other hardware are three-dimensional elements in your home, there are more artistic possibilities in these details than there might be with the fabric pattern on a sofa or a rug.

Gross Electric/Buehler Decorative Hardware has all the advice and options you need for your interior and exterior door handles and cabinet hardware upgrades.


Factors to consider when replacing your hardware

  1. Pre-drilled holes: replacing the handles on cabinets comes with a few more limitations than selecting completely new cabinetry – namely that the holes might be pre-drilled. You must make sure the center measurements of the existing holes match the spacing of the new pieces. Standard hole center measurements for pulls are 96 mm, 128 mm, 160 mm, 192 mm. When choosing the size of the hardware, keep in mind the scale in relation to the size of your cabinets. Regarding door handles, there is a good chance you may need to increase the size of the bore hole in your door as well. The old standard size was 2-1/8” diameter, and the new standard size is 2-3/8” or 2-3/4”. Tutorials The Quick Door Hanger can help you learn how to do this with a boring bit.
  2. Other finishes in the space: Notice other colors and materials in the room where you are replacing the hardware. Do you have stainless steel appliances? Consider a polished nickel or black finish on your knobs and door hinges. Bronze sink faucet? It could be a nice touch to tie the drawer handles into that look by making them bronze as well.
  3. Budget: Get an idea of the full scope of your makeover project first. Then get an idea of how much of that budget can go toward your door and cabinetry hardware. The cost of individual pieces can be broad, as hardware can be produced by many methods. Material and intricacy of the handle itself affect price as well. A Gross Electric hardware expert will help you get the most bang for your buck.

How to choose a finish for door or cabinet hardware

If you are replacing all the hardware in the room, or there are minimal other metal and decorative items in the space, you have great freedom in choosing not only finishes, but also overall design. We explore each of these characteristics below.


Bright brass is found in traditional homes and is starting to have a resurgence in popularity. Satin and antique brass finishes have an up-to-date feel and are still suited for traditional décor.


Polished chrome’s mirror-like finish works well with modern or retro décor. Satin chrome is suitable for a contemporary or transitional look.


Polished nickel and satin nickel finishes both blend with a variety of styles and can vary in appearance depending upon the lighting in a room. Distressed nickel has an antique, rustic look.


Bronze door hardware is available in a variety of finishes and therefore can work with almost any home décor. You can choose from oil-rubbed, distressed, or satin bronze finishes, but beware that the look can change with use.


Black finishes are popular and can work with transitional or contemporary décor.


Copper is a unique finish that can work with any décor, from rustic to contemporary, depending upon the style of the knob or lever.


Crystal knobs add pizzazz to a room and are available in clear or a variety of colors.

Colored Glass

Colored glass is available in any hue you desire and can add a pop of color to a mostly white or neutral room

One of the benefits of a smaller decorative hardware provider such as Gross Electric/Buehler Decorative Hardware is that we carry door and cabinet hardware that you won’t see in the big box stores. Door and cabinet handles do not have to be boring! Use the opportunity your renovation project provides to turn them into works of art.

Need even more ideas? Browse our Bright Ideas gallery and click on the “Door & Cabinet Hardware” category. Even better, reach out to one of our decorative hardware experts for help selecting your items.

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