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You’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating your ideal outdoor living space… building the deck or patio, choosing the outdoor furniture, selecting the plants and flowers. Have you thought about how you’re going to light your space? There are many outdoor lighting options to consider in creating a warm and welcoming outdoor living area.

Accent Lighting

Just as the name implies, accent lighting is used to highlight special features in your yard, such as trees, sculptures, and unique architectural elements. Generally this is accomplished by using spotlights, floodlights, in-ground lights, and wall wash fixtures to create a variety of effects. If you have water features in your yard, such as ponds, waterfalls, or fountains, there are watertight accent lights available, as well.

Path Lights

These decorative fixtures add beauty to your space while providing lighting necessary for walkways, entries, garden areas, and flower beds. Path lights should be staggered around walks and pathways to create pools of light that guide visitors to your front door or outdoor living area. They’re available if a wide array of styles and finishes. Choose path lights that complement the architectural style of your home.

Deck & Patio Lights

Kichler Half Moon Deck Lights

These lighting fixtures are decorative, as well as functional. They are important for illuminating the perimeter of your deck or patio and steps up to and around your space. They also accentuate the beauty of your deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen or bar area.

Hardscape Lighting

These durable fixtures are ideal for adding safety and ambiance to outdoor walls, fences, columns, steps, outdoor kitchens, and more.  

In-Ground Lighting

In-ground lighting is embedded in driveways, walkways, and patios. It is extremely durable to withstand car and foot traffic.

Decorative Lighting

Hinkley Colfax Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

With the increased popularity of outdoor living areas, there has been tremendous growth in decorative outdoor lighting options. In addition to outdoor wall lanterns, there is a large selection of chandeliers, pendants, and even ceiling fans that are damp-rated or wet-rated for outdoor use. (Talk to a lighting professional about the difference between these two ratings.)  Ceiling lights and chandeliers provide general lighting for your outdoor space. Pendant lights can be used to provide task lighting over counters, bars, and outdoor kitchen areas.

In addition to the different types of lighting you’ll need for your outdoor living space, you’ll want to consider the color temperature of your outdoor lighting. Just as the light bulbs you use for your indoor lighting fixtures, outdoor lighting is available in a variety of color temperatures – from warm white to pure white to bright white — measured in Kelvin (K).

Here are some tips for choosing the right color temperature:

Warm White (2700 K) is best for natural colored walls or stonework in warmer tones, like brown or cedar. It also enhances the appearance of red, orange, or yellow flowers.

Pure White (3000K) works well with homes and decks in cooler colors, like dark slate, black, or gray. Pure white light makes foliage with blue or purple tones pop.

Bright White (4000K) is generally too bright for outdoor residential areas and should be reserved for commercial applications.

Well-designed outdoor and landscape lighting is worth the investment. It increases the curb appeal of your home, provides safety and security, and allows you to fully enjoy your outdoor living space. Visit our showroom or schedule an appointment with one of our lighting specialists to start planning the lighting for your outdoor living area. 

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