Lamp Repair Shop

When the only accent piece in a room is an antique, it is important to take special care to ensure that it lasts for lifetimes to come. Gross Electric is a skilled lamp repair shop that will restore your cherished pieces. Our antique lamp repair staff can re-wire, re-shade, or re-plate your lighting fixture or complete other improvements as needed.

The type of lighting fixture does not matter. We restore heirlooms, garage sale finds and hand-me-downs to ensure that they function properly and safely. Whether you need floor lamp repair or a chandelier makeover, watch your light transform from unsightly element to stunning centerpiece with our antique lamp restoration expertise. In addition to lamp repair, we also customize lighting fixtures to better fit your décor. Let us show you how minor alterations can change the entire look of your lighting.

Our lamp repair shop services aren’t limited to your home. We can restore interior or exterior lighting fixtures in churches, schools, and other commercial spaces, as well.

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