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A great way to add a little sunshine to your home this summer is through your sunroom.  These rooms are a great bonus to any home to spend your extra time reading a book, enjoying the view with friends, or taking a quick relaxing nap.   Typically a sunroom is an addition to a structure, with the walls built primarily out of windows and skylight features in the ceilings.

A sunroom can be used in many different ways depending on your specific needs.  They can be seen as a screened in porch, a dining room, a sitting area, or even as a greenhouse.  The size of the sunroom will also depend on the function of the space.  If you are looking to use it as a modest personal hideaway, a small nook may fit your needs.  Although, if you are looking to host larger parties for entertaining or better access to the pool for parties, a bigger cabana-like space would work more in your favor.

Placement of a sunroom is also an important detail.  For example, a north-facing sunroom will let in the least amount of direct sunlight; however, this may be a more pleasant location if you live in a warm climate zone because it will minimize the amount of heat the room absorbs.  An east-facing sunroom catches the morning sun and provides shade during the afternoon; it’s a prime location if you’re an early riser or plan to use the room as a breakfast/morning nook.  A west-facing sunroom is a good location if you are home in the afternoon or evening as it receives the most amount of sunlight later in the day.  A south-facing sunroom receives the greatest amount of sunlight throughout the day and is recommended if you live in the cold, northern regions.

The Pharos Ceiling Fan from The Modern Fan Co.

When it comes to designing your sunroom, it is best for the space to flow from its adjacent rooms.  For example, if your home reflects classic furniture lines and patterns, a traditional style that takes inspiration from the past and keeps a warm and comfortable feeling to the space will suit your sunroom.  If your sunroom is feeling small or cramped, hanging a mirror on the wall will reflect the windows and give the illusion of a more open space.  Adding pops of accent color in pillows and artwork will bring a fresh updated look to your sunroom as well.  If your sunroom is fully protected from the exterior elements, you can easily incorporate fixtures, fans, and furniture that help to extend your living space.  However, if your sunroom will be open to the outdoors, you need to consider damp or wet located pieces that will withstand weather conditions such as humidity, wind, and moisture.  Here we have gathered a couple of examples of sunrooms whose designs inspire us this summer!

Beckwith Ceiling Fan from Fanimation Ceiling Fans: 

MinkaAire Gyro Ceiling Fan
MinkaAire Gyro Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a great way to cool down a room AND add some style!  For example, the Beckwith fan from Fanimation (pictured above) gives the look of a semi-flush mount fixture, while running as a fan.  The Gyro fan from MinkaAire stands out with its double circulating feature (the fan blades inside the cage spin, as well as the entire fan!).  Lastly, the Pharos from The Modern Fan Company incorporates the sleek contemporary style of this bright and fresh sunroom.


Chandeliers: Kichler Caterham Chandelier

The most effective and significant way to make an impact in any space is with an outstanding chandelier.  A chandelier or hanging fixture can serve as the focal point of a room.  Designers and homeowners feel that chandeliers help to highlight other décor items present in a room and contribute to the overall feel of the entire home.  You can place a chandelier that is wet-rated, like the Caterham by Kichler (shown above), in a sunroom that will be exposed to all of the weather elements.  You can also use indoor chandeliers in a sunroom, as long as the space is closed off from the outdoors.   A chandelier over a small table, like the Millbrook by Hudson Valley, creates an intimate dining space with a great view.  Adding a chandelier, mini-chandelier, or pendants also allows you to utilize unique design ideas in your sunroom.  For example, the Star Light pendant by Sterling shines beautifully with the generous amount of light a sunroom provides.

Sterling Star Pendant
Sterling Star Pendant
Hudson Valley Millbrook Chandelier
Hudson Valley Millbrook Chandelier










Uttermost Slate Table LampPortables:

Kenroy 32249BRZ Trellis floor lamp

There are many table and floor lamps that are outdoor rated for sunroom and patio spaces.  These have a glass globe covering the bulb and socket to protect it from any water damage.  This Uttermost Slate indoor/outdoor table lamp (pictured left) is made of real hand carved slate with hammered copper details.  Due to the natural material being used, each piece will vary.  The rectangle bell shade has a brushed suede, weather resistant textile.  Also, the Trellis indoor/outdoor floor lamp by Kenroy (shown right) is surrounded by an artfully woven outer mesh of wire, offering a glowing, luminous monolith.  It celebrates texture and form and is weather safe and durable.

sunroom with recessed ltgRecessed Lighting:

If you do not have skylights to bring in natural light to your showroom, recessed lighting is a substantial way to add ambient lighting and improve a room’s versatility.  If there is the possibility of moisture hitting the ceiling, a wet-rated LED retrofit in a recessed can will protect and extend the life of your lighting.  LED technology is not only more efficient, it also has a longer rated life and great light output.

Lutron Shade Systems:

By adding a Lutron shade system to a sunroom, you will be able to utilize daylight and reduce the need for electric light.  Not only is this helping you save energy, it is minimizing your ecological footprint on the Earth.  Features of these systems include “winter warm” which opens the shades, taking advantage of sunlight warming a southern façade. The “summer cool” feature does the opposite by lowering shades and blocking solar heat gain, thereby reducing your cooling costs.  Shade systems also help to reduce glare and protect interior finishes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Lutron shades sunroom app photo

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