Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Living

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You’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating your ideal outdoor living space… building the deck or patio, choosing the outdoor furniture, selecting the plants and flowers. Have you thought about how you’re going to light your space? There are many outdoor lighting options to consider in creating a warm and welcoming outdoor living … Continued

Lighting Your Outdoor Living Space

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Outdoor living spaces have become more and more popular over the past few years. Beyond your basic patio or deck with an outdoor grill and lawn furniture, these outdoor spaces are beautiful living and entertaining areas. Homeowners are creating outdoor living rooms, dining areas, and kitchens that rival rooms inside your home! And just like areas … Continued

FREE Landscape Lighting Seminar


Picture everything you love most about your yard, deck, garden, pool, or patio. We’ve got bright ideas to help make all these outside areas even better! Our skilled landscape lighting experts work with you… creating functional solutions that enrich beauty, improve safety, and increase your summer fun! Come to one of our FREE Landscape Lighting … Continued

Up the Curb Appeal of Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

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  When it comes to lighting and light fixtures, most people’s default mode is to think about indoor lighting where sunlight cannot reach and windows are far away. However, outdoor lighting can be just as essential to the look and functionality of your home as indoor lighting. There are many reasons you might have to … Continued

Landscape Lighting for Every Outdoor Activity

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  Summer entertaining season is here, meaning that you, your family, and friends can spend more time outside in the yard as the sun sets. As dusk approaches, the laughter and conversation can extend far past the reach of sunlight. This is where outdoor lighting and landscape lighting come in. With the right outdoor lighting … Continued

Planning Your Landscape Lighting System

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– article written by Elizabeth Gibson –  With summer upon us, our showrooms are flooded with customers looking to enhance their outdoor spaces through the inclusion of outdoor lighting. Last month, our Toledo showroom held a landscape lighting seminar for the public. Here are some helpful tips from our expert on how best to approach … Continued

Your home is not an airport runway (and other common landscape lighting mistakes)

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We’ve all seen it. . .  homes that have a straight line of evenly spaced landscape lighting fixtures placed along the walkway to the front porch.  Unless you’re planning to land a 747 in your front yard, this is not the best way to illuminate your property. Here are 6 tips for creating the perfect … Continued

Light Up the Night

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Now that the temperature is rising, we cannot wait to get outdoors! With mild summer evenings, nobody wants to move the party inside after the sun goes down.  Here are the four key reasons to add landscape lighting to your home: Safety, Curb Appeal, “Sculpting Your Home,” and 24/7 Beauty. SAFETY Whether protecting your home from … Continued