Choosing Professionals for Your Home Renovation

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If you’re planning a home renovation, chances are you’ve researched different articles, blogs, and websites for design inspiration and to get an idea of how much your renovation should cost. While it’s good to do your research, it’s also important to keep this information in perspective. Much of what you’re reading is created for a … Continued

Lighting Trend: Art Deco

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From 1925-1940, Art Deco emerged as an international design movement that strongly influenced architecture, fashion, art, and home decor. The style uses geometric shapes, chevrons, and zigzags, along with stylized floral and sunrise motifs. Art Deco has an air of glamour and sophisticated elegance that was contrary to the austerity experienced during World War I. … Continued

Make Your Dining Room Shine

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  Twinkling Christmas tree lights.  The soft glow of the chandelier over your dining room table.  Flickering candles.  How we light our homes during the holidays helps us set the mood from warm and cozy to fun and festive. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, the dining room table is the center of family dinners … Continued

Up the Curb Appeal of Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

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  When it comes to lighting and light fixtures, most people’s default mode is to think about indoor lighting where sunlight cannot reach and windows are far away. However, outdoor lighting can be just as essential to the look and functionality of your home as indoor lighting. There are many reasons you might have to … Continued

Lighting Trends: Go for the Gold!

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Just like music and fashion trends, lighting trends come and go. At the International Lighting Market in Dallas, gold was everywhere we turned! After years of losing popularity to silver and nickel finishes, gold is making a comeback — but not the bright brassy gold that reminds you of grandma’s house! There are many variations … Continued

What’s Your Design Style?

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When it comes to interior design there are as many styles as there are personality types.  But what if you don’t know what your personal style is?  Here’s a brief overview of some design styles to help you decide which one fits your home the best. Art Deco design has an air of glamour and … Continued

Sunroom Inspirations

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A great way to add a little sunshine to your home this summer is through your sunroom.  These rooms are a great bonus to any home to spend your extra time reading a book, enjoying the view with friends, or taking a quick relaxing nap.   Typically a sunroom is an addition to a structure, with … Continued

It’s Time to Rethink Ceiling Fans

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When you hear the words “ceiling fan” do you think of an ugly, outdated fan hanging from the rafters of an overheated room?  If so, it’s time to rethink ceiling fans. Ceiling fans can make a room more comfortable and more beautiful.  “When the ceiling fan renaissance started in the 1980s, they were considered to … Continued

Add a Little Sparkle to Your Home

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When you hear the words “crystal chandelier,” do you just cringe and picture that hideous old brass chandelier in your grandmother’s house?  In today’s day and age, crystal is so much more. . .  and usually not anywhere close to brass.  Modern crystal fixtures offer a broad range of styles from intricately cut glass to … Continued