Lighting Trend: Black and Gold Light Fixtures

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A big trend in lighting right now is black and brass or black and gold light fixtures. Almost every manufacturer we saw at the International Lighting Market in Dallas was introducing black and gold fixtures in their new collections. Experimenting with mixed finishes in your lighting, such as black and gold, brings a customized look … Continued

Lighting Trend: Art Deco

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From 1925-1940, Art Deco emerged as an international design movement that strongly influenced architecture, fashion, art, and home decor. The style uses geometric shapes, chevrons, and zigzags, along with stylized floral and sunrise motifs. Art Deco has an air of glamour and sophisticated elegance that was contrary to the austerity experienced during World War I. … Continued

Lighting Trend: Industrial

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    Industrial lighting is a trend that’s been around for a few years now, but it isn’t losing any steam. This style is extremely versatile and can fit into a variety of decors, including farmhouse, contemporary, or industrial themed spaces with exposed brick and unfinished wood. The appeal of industrial design is that it … Continued

Lighting Trends: Go for the Gold!

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Just like music and fashion trends, lighting trends come and go. At the International Lighting Market in Dallas, gold was everywhere we turned! After years of losing popularity to silver and nickel finishes, gold is making a comeback — but not the bright brassy gold that reminds you of grandma’s house! There are many variations … Continued

Forecasting 2015: Metallic Mesh

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One of the newest trends from the 2015 national lighting market. . . perforated metal designs!  Metallic mesh is being used on everything from lighting to furniture to accessories this year.  The metal mesh trend lends itself perfectly to vintage industrial or restoration style lighting.  Perforated metal shades are used on pendants, flush mount fixtures, … Continued