St. Patrick’s Day is here, and you just struck gold! What better way to celebrate than with a home refresh inspired by bold brass or classic copper? These warm tones have made a comeback in home decor, proving to be the perfect pop to contrast any cool, modern space. 

If you’re eager to start incorporating gold light fixtures or hardware, you just got lucky! Our team of lighting experts are sharing home renovation tips for mastering the ore-toned finish family. So what’s the big difference? It can be difficult to determine which finish best compliments your living space. There are countless factors to take into consideration when choosing one of these fixtures, so let’s take a look!

Brass Finish is extremely desirable for light fixtures, faucets or cabinet hardware because of its durable, easy to clean nature (no finger prints here!). You can choose polished brass for a reflective, shiny accent, or go for a more subdued, matte look with satin brass. Regardless of your preference, both polished and satin brass have stood the test of time and are versatile enough to thrive in both modern and traditional spaces. 

(Featuring the 4 – Light Chandelier by Feiss)

Bronze Finish is a classic favorite noted for its rich, warm tones. When incorporated via hardware or lighting fixture, it will inevitably give the space a more traditional look and feel. With bronze, the possibilities are endless. Go bold with oil-rubbed bronze, the darkest finish from this family that can serve as a traditional alternative to black. Or, stay subtle with light, smooth satin bronze and leverage its versatility to pair with other metals. Both bronze finishes work best in traditional, eclectic, or Mediterranean settings!

(Featuring the Outdoor Rhodes by Hinkley Lighting)

Copper Finish is unparalleled in its ability to make a statement, especially when it is paired with more subtle surroundings such as solid color walls or marble countertops. It has natural antibacterial properties which makes it a great choice for hardware! When it is damaged, the scratches often blend over time, becoming almost completely invisible. This finish is perfect for Tuscan or farmhouse spaces.

(Featuring the Chadwick 1 – Light Pendant by ELK Lighting)

Finding fixtures and hardware with the perfect finish helps tie up any loose ends that hold back your final vision. Now that you have the low-down on these golden hues, visit our showroom and compare them side by side to see which option will truly make your space shine!

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