When designing a home office, our attention is often consumed by finding the perfect desk or comfiest chair. However, less tangible elements such as lighting should not be swept under the rug. Studies have shown that good lighting is crucial to productivity and wakefulness…not to mention its positive effect on mood. Light your office right and put your best foot forward during this time at home with these helpful tips!

Natural light is always a great option for open floor plans that allow a larger flow of daylight from surrounding windows. Complimenting natural light with overhead, task, ambient and even corrective lighting will help create the perfect balance of brightness. Leveraging natural light and lighting fixtures in tandem allows you to illuminate your space in its entirety, especially in the early morning or afternoon when natural light becomes lackluster. Don’t forget to leverage adjustable shades for days you desire an unlit atmosphere.

Overhead lighting is more subdued than other forms of lighting. It is known to cast shadows in some areas while harshly illuminating others, so adding corrective or ambient lighting can help offset this intensity. If you are experiencing eye strain or discomfort, opting for indirect track lights as opposed to direct parabolic lighting can be helpful!

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Naturally, there will be parts of your office where you spend most of your time- probably at your desk. Task lighting is perfect for spaces that lack sufficient natural or overhead lighting and illuminates one specific area where you are your most productive self. Task lighting, such as a desk lamp, is flexible and versatile in the sense it can be easily moved around and positioned to your liking throughout the day. It can even emulate whatever tone you prefer, warm or cool, depending on the bulb you choose.

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If you find yourself stressed throughout the day consider adding ambient lighting to your home office. Although this option may not necessarily energize you, its low intensity can help you unwind towards the end of your work day- creating the peaceful atmosphere you deserve.

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Corrective lighting is key to those who spend most of their day at the computer. When your screen is brighter than the space behind it, you may experience eye strain and even headaches as a result. Adding a source of light behind your monitor is an easy solution to reducing this effect. Additionally, be aware of glare when you place any lighting throughout the room. Make sure your fixtures are properly positioned in a manner they will not reflect lighting directly into your eyes.

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If your home office space is in need of a lighting upgrade, start broad. Choose your overhead lighting first and foremost, then your task and corrective lighting where needed. Your office should be designed around your needs. Make it a place that allows you to ebb and flow between critical thinking, creativity and productivity. Remember adding dim settings to any of the lighting options mentioned only gives you more control, so don’t rule that out as a possibility!

Enjoy this time at home and set yourself up for success! Shop our selection at https://store.grosselectric.com/lighting-fixtures or give us a call for a virtual design consultation.

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