Say Goodbye to Summer and Hello to Fall

It’s that time of year when the summer heat begins to subside and the reality sets in that sweater weather is on its way. The sun starts to set earlier, the leaves change colors and the cold creeps in; we begin feeling that late, oh-so-familiar, summer remorse. This all begs the question: how will you release your hold on summer and embrace a fall mindset? 

We recommend making small changes to your home. Embracing the changing seasons does not mean redecorating your whole space; it can be as simple as a lampshade change, a switch of a bulb, or a swap of pendant light. For inspiration on how to ease the transition, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite tips and tricks to redefine your space as autumn approaches.

Change up your bulbs.

Swap out your existing bulbs for something warmer, such as a 40w Antique Candelabra Bulb for a more romantic and eye-catching lighting option. Its warmth and inviting colors will cast a soothing glow and make any space a cozy home hideaway. Soon, you will all but forget about those hot summer nights and look forward to fall feelings. Use them by themselves for a dim, moody vibe, or pair them with recessed lighting fixtures to add a bit of dimension to your space. 

pendant light with warm edison bulb

Create a welcoming front porch with an outdoor lantern.

Come home to something that puts a smile on your face. Add a decorative outdoor lantern to your front porch or landscape lighting along your entry path. Go all out and add an eye-catching lantern, like this one from Capital Lighting, in your foyer. 

Not only will these changes evoke a feeling of contentment for you, but also for your guests. Guests will be immediately put at ease with the soft, ambient lighting; it will make them feel as if they are home too. Not to mention, adding a unique outdoor lantern will make it much easier for your guests to find your house.

Add a dimmable light fixture to any room.

Customize your atmosphere with a dimmable light fixture. Rather than having stark on or off lighting options, adding a dimmer increases the functionality of your space. Set the dimmer all the way on and get 100% of the bulb’s lighting capacity, or set it at 50% to create a soothing glow. 

Add Kichler Tape Lights.

Add an accent of customizable light to your space with Kichler Tape Lighting. Illuminate an entire corridor, build your own fixtures or integrate light into a wall. Kichler Tape light is completely customizable and will enhance the dimension of your space. There are a variety of options depending upon exactly the look you envision; not only can you choose from a variety of colors, you can choose different lumen levels, or light intensities. We recommend sticking with the warm or soft white glow to create a cozy environment for the heart of your home.


Add more light to your outdoor space with a pendant light.

Create an outdoor space that feels warm and cozy no matter the temperature. Our favorite additions to an outdoor living area are versatile lanterns or a unique pendant light; these are both easy ways to add some serious ambiance. You can even add more textures by complementing these with adjustable industrial-style bulbs.

Enjoy the upcoming fall months by setting yourself up for success now! Shop our extensive selection of lighting fixtures online or stop in to experience the quality & service local customers have relied on for 111 years!

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