Lighting Design Tips

We’ve all seen it. . .  homes that have a straight line of evenly spaced landscape lighting fixtures placed along the walkway to the front porch.  Unless you’re planning to land a 747 in your front yard, this is not the best way to illuminate your property.

Here are 6 tips for creating the perfect landscape lighting to add character, safety, and curb appeal to your home.

1) Don’t light everything the same.  Choose what you want to highlight in your yard — a specific tree, a stone wall, a unique architectural feature — and focus on those features.  The goal is to make the special features look special.

Kichler landscape tree and wall app2) Don’t overdo it!  A common mistake people make is using flood lights to illuminate the whole house, which ends up washing everything out.  It’s better to create layers of light by using path lights, uplighting, and downlighting.

3) Choose the right lighting fixture for the application.  Some fixtures illuminate all around, some point light in a specific direction.  Know what you are trying to light, so that you can choose the right landscape lighting fixtures.  Also, make sure the fixtures are not too small or too large for your application.

4) Use LED as much as possible!  With regular fixtures, you can lose voltage by running too long of a wire.  Another issue is overloading your transformer with too many fixtures or fixtures with wattage that is too high.  Using LED fixtures will help you avoid both of these problems, and reduce your energy costs.Kichler landscape path and statue app

5) Make sure all the lighting that you’re using outdoors is wet-rated.  Even if the
lighting is on a covered porch or under an awning, it needs to be approved for outdoor use.  Because these fixtures are going to be exposed to the elements, they need to have a very good weather resistant finish, like cast aluminum.

6) Plan space for your landscaping to grow!  Your landscaping won’t remain the same size as when it is planted.  Make sure your landscape lighting is spaced properly to allow for that growth.

Of course, our best tip is to work with a landscape lighting expert at Gross Electric to layout your design and ensure that you get the right products to make your house and landscaping look beautiful!