Lighting Design Tips

Now that the temperature is rising, we cannot wait to get outdoors! With mild summer evenings, nobody wants to move the party inside after the sun goes down.  Here are the four key reasons to add landscape lighting to your home: Safety, Curb Appeal, “Sculpting Your Home,” and 24/7 Beauty.

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Whether protecting your home from unexpected intruders, or making the paths of your home safer to navigate in low light, landscape lighting can provide functional improvements to the overall safety of your home.  If given the choice between a well-lit home and one that isn’t, the darkened home is an easier target to potential burglars.  A couple simple wall washers and a decorative sconce by your entry may very well keep your home safe from invaders.  Path lights and step lights are both beautiful and functional ways of improving how you navigate your space at night, as well.

CURB APPEAL                    SCULPTING YOUR HOME                              24/7 BEAUTY

What can we say?  There’s just something about exterior lighting that adds a magical element to a home. With just a few smartly placed fixtures, your home can come to life, while your neighbors’ homes fade into darkness as the sun sets.


According to Bob Eskin, our KICHLER sales rep, you can “sculpt your home” by adding several different lighting elements that highlight focal points of your home.  You can tell a story about your home by lighting a beautiful tree, richly textured stonework, or perhaps a pond on your property.

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Now that you know why you should add landscape lighting to your home, here are some things you should consider about LED lighting…


With the advancement of LED technology, landscape lighting is even more DIY friendly than ever before! Thanks to low voltage systems, LED landscape lighting is safer for the layperson to install and easier to adjust as your landscape changes.  With our knowledgeable staff and wide selection of products, we can help anyone get started!


LEDs have been on the market for a while, but they are really taking over landscape lighting now. Why?  Because of the advancements in LED technology and the lifetime cost savings, people are embracing LED lighting.

LED Misconceptions

“LED lights are BLUE” — Sure, when LED entered the market it had a cooler look… but not anymore. Look for LED color temperatures in the 2700k range, and you’ll keep that warm glow you are used to from incandescent bulbs!

“LED is expensive!” — Though it’s true that starting a full LED system can be more costly up front, over time you reap the benefits of lower costs due to lesser energy consumption. Also, you won’t need to replace your bulbs for years and years!  Really, who wants to change a bulb in the middle of winter?!

Come on in to one of Gross Electric’s showrooms to speak with our lighting experts and browse our numerous LED landscape lighting options that can be integrated into your outdoor spaces.  We’ll help you light up the night!

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