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The Gross Electric’s Daylight Savings End To-do’s

Time Change Checklist November 1st is just around the corner. Before we know it, nature will be taking back that extra hour
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A Message From Our Team!

Your health and that of your families are of our utmost concern as we all navigate this “new normal”. We continue to
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How To Choose Outdoor Lighting For Your Home

Outdoor lighting is a fundamental component of any home. These fixtures provide extensive value that ranges from building ambiance to promoting the
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Work From Home: Setting The Tone With Office Lighting

When designing a home office, our attention is often consumed by finding the perfect desk or comfiest chair. However, less tangible elements
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Virtual Shopping now LIVE!

We are excited to roll our this new interactive shopping experience to you for FREE! Give us a call and we will
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Good Things Come In Pairs!

Valentine’s Day reminds us to stop and smell the roses, so today, more than ever, we are thankful for those we love
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